7 Reasons To Build Custom Furniture For Your Next Home Makeover

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I love designing my home to look precisely as I want it to. That said, big-name furniture stores only have so many items that fall exactly in line with my exact tastes. At the same time, going for custom furniture is prohibitively expensive – well, was, until I discovered Inside Weather. Here are seven reasons why I chose Inside Weather to help bring my perfect home makeover vision to life.

1. I designed my furniture to my exact specifications

Why settle for the same boring couch on literally every home design website? Inside Weather allows full control over your furniture’s design from start to finish. Think about it like this: If you’ve found the perfect couch shape elsewhere but the color doesn’t match your home, you can build it hassle-free and affordably with Inside Weather. Thanks to this, my new sectional is the precise shade of deep blue, something I couldn’t find in any furniture store.

2. There are seemingly endless customization possibilities

Inside Weather empowers you to choose a couch’s configuration, material, color, frame finish, pillow details, and more. Getting to your perfect final product is a simple five-step process in which you’ll choose all the added details for your furniture. Inside Weather made it quick, fun, and easy to create a one-of-a-kind coffee table for my home — it just took a few clicks, and a whole lot of imagination!

3. My furniture arrived quickly

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for all that new furniture to arrive. With most custom furniture companies, you can wait months. That’s simply not an issue with Inside Weather. Once your product is made, it’ll arrive at your doorstep within just a few days! Inside Weather assembles all its custom pieces in its California factory and then ships them straight from there. 

4. Inside Weather offers a 365-day guarantee

You read that right: You have a full year to decide whether your custom furniture is up to your standards. Inside Weather’s 365-day guarantee is perfect for testing whether you still enjoy your furniture as the seasons change. And if you don’t, you can just send it back for a full refund!

5. My furniture is built sustainably

Did you know the textile industry is a leading contributor to global carbon emissions? Inside Weather’s business model addresses this major issue. Since all its pieces are custom, Inside Weather generates minimal waste. To boot, Inside Weather also uses upcycled extras and eco-friendly fabrics. It’s the best way to execute your exact vision without harming the planet.

6. My purchase was competitively priced

Hand-crafted, custom-made furniture can be unaffordable — I thought so at first, too. With Inside Weather, though, that’s not true at all! Its customization process cuts out middlemen, so your prices won’t be artificially jacked up. Inside Weather isn’t here to stuff a bunch of people’s pockets – they’re here to spare yours.

7. Brilliant in-house designers helped me make up my mind

Let’s say what you see at brand-name furniture stores isn’t hitting the spot, but you can’t quite come up with dazzling ideas of your own. In that case, you just need a little push, and you can get it with Inside Weather’s free design services. With just photos of your space, Inside Weather’s in-house designers can come up with a dazzling vision for your home. I ended up working with one of their designers when I felt stuck decorating my spare room, and their insight and vision were absolutely priceless.

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