I Thought I Would Be Stuck With My Old Furniture Forever. Then, I Discovered Inside Weather.

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Editor’s Note: For a limited time, Inside Weather is offering up to 20% off sitewide with code NEWYEAR Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $1500! An HGTV-style dream home furniture setup is only a few clicks away.

I moved into my two-bedroom condo just a few short years ago, but a lot has changed since then. Not only did I get married and my new husband moved in with me, but our clashing tastes meant that my furniture – well, our furniture now – was in desperate need of some change. But when we set out to the big name stores in search of the perfect couch, we quickly found that our diverging tastes meant nitpicking every detail, and no new furniture was brought home. Were we stuck with our ill-fitting mishmash forever?

It dawned on us after a few weeks of searching that custom-made furniture was likely the only way to go. The question then became a budget one: We assumed going into this journey that we’d have to plunk down unreasonable amounts of cash just to get the precise look we wanted. My husband read a New York Times article about Inside Weather’s custom furniture designs and we decided to check it out.

Inside Weather offers more customization options than any other custom furniture builder, all at reasonable prices. Their process let us go through our sofa’s configuration, color, frame finish, pillow details, and more. Someone pinch me, I thought. I had to be dreaming.

The first question I had was quality for the price. Quality is something neither of us are willing to compromise on, and we were admittedly a bit skeptical that the cost was way more affordable than we assumed. As it turns out, since everything is designed on spec by us, there’s no middleman to jack up the cost. That reduces the production and warehouse expenses – and we save as a result. (And the custom designs mean no textile waste going into landfill and harming the environment.) Backed by a 365-day guarantee and a clear understanding of how Inside Weather worked, we started putting together our dream living room that day.

To perfect our vision, I decided to consult one of Inside Weather’s in-house designers. With her help, I could stick with the shades of gray I liked while my husband could select the wood he wanted for the sofa legs. Only with Inside Weather could we create the couch of our dreams without settling for anything neither of us didn’t full-on love. Once we placed our order, we were absolutely thrilled (and shocked!) that our couch arrived in under two weeks – way shorter than the three months of lead time other companies offered – and looked exactly as we designed it online.

A few months in, and our couch still looks as good and feels as comfortable as the day it arrived. This centerpiece of our living room reflects both our tastes perfectly. And with a new baby on the way, we’re confident that Inside Weather’s couch will hold up for us to enjoy for years to come. 

For a limited time, Inside Weather is offering up to 20% off sitewide with code NEWYEAR. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $1500. An HGTV-style dream home furniture setup is only a few clicks away. 

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