Get Fit And Get Paid (No Matter Your Age) With ISSA’s Certified Senior Fitness Instructor Course

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Quick Read: You can become an ISSA Certified Senior Fitness Instructor in as little as 4 weeks + get guaranteed employment. Follow THIS LINK to get more information.

In a world where increasingly more things happen from home, some people have faced unexpected personal and career challenges. This obstacle has proven substantial across age groups, and both young folks and older people have come up with unique ways to face it. More importantly, they’ve come out on the other side physically and mentally stronger than ever. 

Namely, these people have merged what they once thought of as non-work passions with, well, work. They’ve said goodbye to draining day jobs and launched new lives in fitness, whether that means older folks working with older folks, young people working with older people, or vice versa. 

On the latter front, ISSA, or the International Sports Sciences Association, can help you pursue the fitness career of your dreams! With an ISSA senior fitness instructor certification, anyone of any age can embark on their dream fitness career right from home.

Why Senior Fitness Instruction?

The fitness industry sorely lacks personal trainers and nutritionists able and willing to work with older clients, especially from a place of experience. Middle-aged people and seniors are especially qualified to serve this clientele, but younger people can just as easily become successful senior fitness instructors. Anyone of any age who wants to help seniors access personalized workout plans without joining a gym can become a successful senior trainer!

As an ISSA-certified Senior Fitness Instructor, you can structure your renewed, more inspiring new life however you please. That journey starts with at-home ISSA courses you can take wherever, whenever as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. Complement that with workout equipment, a passion for fitness, and a goal of helping seniors achieve their health goals when few others are doing so, and you’re well on your way!

Senior Fitness Jobs Outlook

Assisting seniors in all things health, fitness, and wellness can be more than a pipe dream. There are numbers to back that notion: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the entire training industry will expand substantially through 2029. ISSA is fully aware of this prognosis and gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to enter the constantly growing fitness industry.


ISSA understands that people of all ages are seeking transformations, and it also understands that these transitions come with substantial time and money investments. That’s why ISSA allows you to take your Senior Fitness Instruction program at exactly your own pace. Whenever and wherever you’re in the mindset to learn, just log on to continue your journey! Plus, you’ll pay no money to get started, and you can set up a flexible payment plan later on.

The ISSA Senior Fitness Instructor track includes ISSA’s senior fitness textbook, which ISSA regularly updates in response to the newest scientific developments. You’ll also receive a study guide and a workbook alongside access to 250 exercises that you can view in 3D from three different angles. You can also take practice quizzes and exams as you move through the course so you can prepare for your accredited, untimed open-book exam from the jump.

After you receive your Senior Fitness Instructor certification, ISSA will provide you with unlimited educational support and a free professional website. This way, you can continue learning while you grow your senior fitness business. Plus, if you don’t find work within six months of completing your course, you’ll get your money back!* It’s never been this easy to embark on a career in Senior Fitness Instruction – just visit ISSA now to begin.

Get Started

As an ISSA-certified Senior Fitness Instructor, you can live a new life of helping seniors and pursuing your greatest passions. You’ll begin your journey right from the comforts of home, and once you receive your certification, it’ll be just moments before you start doing what you love. To start on your path toward this meaningful change, visit the ISSA website now. A complete transformation – for you and your future clients – is just a few clicks away!

 * See terms and conditions for further details.

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