Here’s Why I Stopped Buying Meat at My Local Grocery Store and Switched to Wild Fork

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I recently started a new workout regimen just in time for bulking season. I knew that if I wanted to see some major shreds this upcoming summer, then this winter would be the time to really focus on my lifts and developing the ultimate six-pack — or maybe eight-pack! I know diet is at the core of any good fitness regimen, and I set out for the right proteins to support my new gain goals. The thing is, this wasn’t meat I could find just anywhere – my local grocer options were either too expensive, not fresh enough, or required bulk purchases to get the good price.

At first, I tried a subscription box that delivered on quality, but I quickly tired of receiving the same box of ground beef and chicken with no variety month after month. I needed to find that “sweet spot” that united good price, high quality, and the right portions for my meals. Thankfully, I found Wild Fork.

I can buy Wild Fork both online and in select store locations, but online is 100% my preferred option because Wild Fork’s website has more than 450 meat options. Yes, you read that right: Four. Hundred. And Fifty. That includes chicken and beef basics alongside exciting specialty meats like alligator and bison!  With all these options, my mega-protein meals weren’t limited to just chicken or ground beef.

Amazingly, despite all the exotic meats, everything at Wild Fork is actually more affordable than big-box stores and department-store grocery sections. That means I’m no longer pressed to buy in bulk and rush to use my meat before it goes bad. Plus, the low price tag doesn’t mean I corners cut on high quality – Wild Fork blast-freezes its meat and seafood at -40 degrees

That blast-freezing is a huge deal. In bulking season, it might be the single best thing about Wild Fork. Blast-freezing meat instantly locks in all its nutrients, minerals, and flavors until mealtime. And then, after half an hour of thawing, my meat is ready to sear, braise, broil, or whatever else comes to mind! And when I’m feeling lazy, Wild Fork has all kinds of ready-to-eat options I can choose instead.

Wild Fork delivers all my meats in shipping containers that keep it perfectly frozen. Plus, after I check out, I get my meat pretty quickly, so there’s not a ton of waiting between ordering and trying something new. And really, I’d happily wait even longer to never again browse the depressing meat aisle at all the local supermarkets and big-box stores.

I couldn’t be happier with how easy and affordable it is to buy all kinds of high-quality meats from Wild Fork – and, just as importantly, finally see some progress in my muscle mass. If you’re lacking good protein options or you just want to find super high-quality, diverse meat at reasonable prices, I say try Wild Fork! Plus, if you sign up now, you can receive free shipping with your first purchase. And just like free shipping, eating great meat is priceless.

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