5 Tasty Side Dishes You Can Make in Your Air Fryer

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When it comes to cooking side dishes, it’s easy to get carried away with unhealthy options. Fancy a side with a bit of a difference? Then you should absolutely take a look at using your air fryer. Replacing a standard fryer or a grill with an air fryer can help to turn some otherwise unhealthy side dishes into something far more palatable.

Where do you start, though? Here are five excellent side dishes you could make in your air fryer and enjoy making at the same time.


If you like to change it up a bit when it comes to sides, then try out some okra, a less common but very healthy vegetable. Okra is a great option, as the breading atop it can crunch up tremendously well in an air fryer. This also helps to avoid all of the excess oil and grease that tends to spill out when you use a standard fryer.

These breaded sides are always an excellent choice for something to help fill up a pasta dish or something similar. Throw in some spring onions for an added sense of crunch that helps to further illuminate and improve the taste.

Corn on the cob

A classic side dish for many, air frying your corn on the cob can be a tremendous experience. Air frying corn helps retain that grilled flavor that can make corn so enjoyable and avoids the excess dryness that can ruin a corn on the cob.

A tiny bit of oil and some air frying for 10-15 minutes can turn that corn on the cob into something extra special. Then, you can add some salt and pepper (and some butter if you so choose) for that added extra freshness.

Garlic potatoes

Although you should avoid the obvious unhealthy sides like chips and fries, garlic potatoes work very well in an air fryer. The air frying method tends to leave the potatoes nice and moist without any exterior sogginess. This approach allows your tots to take on that wonderful crispy texture while retaining a soft moisture in the middle. No more potatoes that need a set of spare teeth to chomp through! Simply air fry for your potato dish of choice’s recommended duration, add in some garlic and salt/pepper, and enjoy. 

Zucchini chips

If you want something a bit more unique, then air frying some zucchinis into chips can be a wonderful experience. Your chips will be rich with a strong cheesy taste, making them a tremendous side. We recommend you make up a tomato-based side sauce to add even more taste. The addition of a parmesan coating with some breadcrumbs over the zucchini can turn this side into a tremendous little treat to enjoy. 

Broccoli parmesan

To finish, try out some broccoli parmesan. This is a fantastic way to get some use out of your air fryer. Broccoli parmesan is a great side dish for adding a touch of green to your plate without having to go down the route of anything too greasy. You could even throw some chili flakes on top of the broccoli parmesan to make it even nicer. Most of the time, this only needs a few short moments in the air fryer to give it that rich, endearing crispy satisfaction.

Enjoying your air fryer can be much easier when you get creative. Instead of just frying the same stuff you used to put into your deep fryer, why not change it up a touch with some of the above? These side dishes make a tremendous starting place for most people who are keen to change up their side dish game. They’re fun for everyone, and they allow you to expand your culinary skills!

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