I Made The Switch To Non-Alcoholic Red Wine and My Health Improved SO Much. Here’s How.

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Recently, I decided to prioritize living a healthier life, and the hardest part turned out to be something other than working out or eating right. Namely, I struggled to resist finishing off a bottle of wine on fun nights with the girls. Every Wednesday night, we all enjoy a mid-week charcuterie board and a bottle (or a few) of pinot noir. But I knew that, to really feel better and see results I needed to ditch the alcohol. 

I tried all kinds of supermarket non-alcoholic wines, but they either tasted like sugary kids’ juice boxes or sparkling apple juice – yuck! After some hesitation, I decided to share my wine health concerns with my friends, and they took it well. More importantly, they told me they knew the perfect substitute: Surely’s dealcoholized red wine.

I learned that each of Surely’s wines, including Pinot Noir, is made with California’s finest grapes and approved by highly experienced winemakers. Surely wines also include high-quality ingredients, so I wouldn’t need to worry about the extra junk common in other non-alcoholic wines. Plus, since Surely is dealcoholized, it would eliminate those awful Thursday hangovers! I knew I had to try it for myself. 

With just my first few sips of Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir, I fell in love. I immediately tasted the difference that comes with high-end grapes and winemaker approval! I was getting dealcoholized wine without that gross juicebox taste, and I was drinking wine without the usual health concerns. And I have to say, ever since I switched to Surely, my health has improved substantially. 

For starters, I’ve lost a few pounds without all that extra wine sugar. What’s more, with less sugar come fewer late-night cravings. I go to sleep satiated, I sleep like a baby, and I wake up rejuvenated! That last part is super important: No hangovers, just my full self the morning after drinking Surely on Wednesday nights with the girls. I can finally go about my workday feeling like a real person instead of slogging through it! 

I have to say, Surely is the Pinot Noir of the future. I’ve shared it with some of my friends outside the Wednesday night group, and none of them could tell the difference. They all say that Surely’s dealcoholized wine tastes just as amazing as their typical Pinot Noir. It’s not just me who Surely is making happier and healthier – it’s every wine drinker in my life.

Whenever I’m ready for more non-alcoholic wine, I just head to Surely’s website and order new bottles straight to my door. Plenty of my friends do the same – we’re all regular customers now! If you’re looking to take up a healthier or more balanced lifestyle without ditching the wine or social events, Surely might be your new happy hour go-to. Plus, now couldn’t be a better time to upgrade your health journey. For a limited time, Surely is offering 15% off your next purchase plus free shipping with code PINOTLOVER. With Surely, you can live a healthier life while still enjoying your life as usual. I sure am!

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