4 Heart-Healthy 15-Minute Exercise Ideas

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Keeping our old tickers running as smoothly as possible should always be the aim in life. A healthy heart is essential to a happy life, and that’s why undertaking some heart-healthy exercises is always a good idea. Not sure where to start? To help you make the right choice, you should absolutely focus on the following exercise ideas. These simple, easy, enjoyable exercise regimens can be just what you need to give your heart that extra boost in the mornings and evenings.

Jumping Jacks

A good exercise to add into your exercise regime is to do some basic jumping jacks. These have you spread your feet and keep your arms by your side, and then jump into the air and raise your arms out so you look like a star shape.

Do these and repeat them for as long as you can, keeping your knees bent a touch at all times. This is great for the heart as it is a high-energy activity. However, it is also good for improving your jumping ability and working out muscle groups that often lay dormant.

High Knees

Another good option to add into your exercise would be the high knee. High knees are fun as they simply have you jogging on the spot while you bring your knees up to waist height. It’s a good exercise for building up high intensity and keeping your gut muscles engaged. It improves balance, boosts stamina, and is a great one to build up a sweat and thus get your heart pumping. Be sure to try it out alongside jumping jacks, carrying out as many reps as you can before moving on to the next exercise.

Stair Climbing

Limited with space but got some stairs at home? Then you should try climbing the stairs as effectively as you can. For taller people, this might mean clearing two to three steps at once when walking up and then running down as quickly as you can. Just make sure you put some kind of pillow or cushioning at the bottom of the stairs. Getting used to running up and down stairs takes balance, so you want to have some kind of insurance policy in case you trip or slip during your workout.


If you can find a place to swim while doing your other exercises, hopping in for a few laps is great for your heart. Swimming is a tremendous aerobic exercise that works your body out in ways simply impossible with a standard workout. It also helps you to put less stress on your body as you are not running on a flat surface. Water is a great exercise surface, as it reduces pressure on the bones and joints. It’s especially useful for those with chronic joint pain.

Keep the above exercises in mind, and perhaps work all four into a little combination routine. Even done alone for 15 minutes, though, all four of these exercises get the heart racing, the blood pumping, and your fitness goals within reach.

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