How to Make a New Year’s Resolution That Sticks

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When the new year rolls around, it’s common to make grandiose proclamations about what you will and won’t do. You might want to focus on things like giving up smoking, losing weight, starting a business – ambitious plans that often take a huge amount of personal commitment and energy. If you’re honest with yourself, though, most of the time, these resolutions have faded away by the second month of the new year. How, then, can you make a New Year’s resolution that you actually stick to? Here’s how.

Start small

Instead of saying you’ll give up sugar, salt, and smoking, try one at a time. When you try to make wholesale life changes at once, you might get thrown off by the massive change. All it takes is one bad day at work and you might break your routine and return to your vice.

So, start nice and small. Build it up over time. Work on one resolution at a time, and stick to it. Over time, this is much more likely to result in progress as you need to only focus on one change, not multiple adjustments.

Share your ambitions

Although you might voice your resolutions amid the fun times of the early hours of New Year’s Day, you should voice your resolution after then instead. Find someone whom you trust and respect enough to hold you accountable. Tell them what you are doing. If they see you breaking your new habits or not sticking to your agreed resolution, they can tell you straight.

Don’t buy anything until you commit

The biggest mistake we can make when getting into any resolution is investing in the tools for our new hobby. For example, exercise bikes fly off the shelves in early January only to become ornaments by March. For example, if your goal is to exercise more, then make sure you are going for runs and walks three to four days a week before you invest in any exercise equipment. You’re more likely to stick to the resolution when you aren’t trying to justify your expensive investment.

Research your resolution properly

Saying you want to stop smoking is one thing; actually giving up cigarettes is another. So, try and look into going about each resolution properly. Don’t just claim you are going to do something. Instead, you should state how you’ll do it. Work out what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and put together an action plan. Having a plan makes you much more likely to actually stick to the ambition.

Speak with a life coach

If you’re serious about making your resolution stick and can afford to spend on making it so, you should hire a life coach. They can find the best plans to make your resolution a reality and will be there to both inspire you and bring you back down to earth. Nobody can offer you both the information and the accountability you need to thrive quite like a life coach. If you’re serious about change and need extra support, then hire away!

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution is not easy, but it’s not impossible either. The above tips will at least make sure you’re more informed and more prepared to make good on your commitment. So, when 2022 rolls around, which resolutions are you going to make a proper go of keeping in place? 

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