How to Make a Delightful Holiday Gift Basket

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With the holiday season in full swing, the time for giving out gifts to the people you love is officially here. However, if you’re trying to put together the ideal holiday gift basket, you might not be sure what to go for. Instead of getting decision paralysis, look at the below tips to make the process much simpler.

Consider that the basket itself can be cheaper

It’s easy to spend much of your holiday gift basket money on the basket itself. It’s not really the basket that matters, though – it’s what’s inside. You should shop at places like thrift shops where you can find amazingly durable, stylish baskets for a fraction of the price you’d see elsewhere. Don’t waste valuable dollars on a basket that ends up looking empty!

Use festive fillings

Whether you use green and red tissue paper or shredded colored paper, be sure to add some filing to the basket. Doing so helps give the items that you hand over some extra padding during transit, and it also helps to make the basket look a touch fuller. This can be great for making sure the filling of the basket matches the theme and time of year too.

Think about the recipient closely

When filling up your gift basket, think about the person whom you’re buying for. What do they like to eat? What do they not like? Do you know of any allergies? If you’re unsure, ask someone who knows them very closely such as a partner or housemate. Doing so allows you to fill up the basket with items you know the person will use. 

Include both treats and something useful

Holiday gift baskets tend to be a hamper filled with foods and other items, but you should try to include at least one non-food or non-drink item you know will see repeated use. You should know the person you’re buying for quite well, so think back to things they’ve mentioned they want or need in recent conversation. If you can fit it into your budget, add it in!

Always include a little novelty

By the same token, including a little novelty gift is always fun. Depending on whom you’re buying for, this novelty gift could be something whimsical or cheeky. You should always think closely about the person’s sense of humor and whether you’re more likely to embarrass or offend with your choice of novelty. When done right, a little joke gift provides another layer of character to your basket that should make the recipient enjoy their gift basket even more. 

Add in an emotional message

Lastly, make sure you include some kind of emotional message on a card. Say something that can leave their heart full of positivity. Even just a handwritten festive poem can be a great finishing touch to make your basket look better.

It’s the little things in life that can make a gift basket feel special, and the above ideas should make that process much easier in general. Give it a shot yourself, and see first-hand why so many people turn to holiday gift baskets at this time of year.

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