4 Non-Alcoholic Wines You and Your Guests Will Love

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I love getting together with family and friends while enjoying good food and drinks, but I can’t handle alcohol like back in my early 20s – the hangovers now are unreal. While I do stock up on the best wines and liquor for my guests, I need non-alcoholic options for those who don’t want to drink alcohol or are watching their weight. As a total wine snob, I choose Surely to enjoy delicious wine without the hangover. Surely makes wine with premium sourced grapes crafted by California winemakers – then removes the alcohol. The result is the same great taste at 1/4 of the calories. Here are my top four Surely wines I serve at parties:

1. Sparkling Rosé

The Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé is the perfect party wine (and mimosa substitute for brunch the next day). It’s the result of collaborations between Surely and California’s finest winemakers, and I can taste the difference. Say goodbye to those oddly sour non-alcoholic wines and hello to a bubbly, tasteful, all-natural rosé flavor. 

2. Rosé 

Look, I get it – carbonation isn’t for everyone. And honestly, there are some nights I just know I need to stay bubble-free. Well, great news: Surely offers both bubbly and regular rosé! With floral hints and a fruity taste, Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Rosé is the perfect light drink to pop open to kick off a party. Plus, it only contains three grams of sugar per glass! It’ll keep you partying and alert late into the night. 

3. Sauvignon Blanc

White wine can be a dangerous battle thanks to all the sugar. Adding insult to injury, the hangover after a bottle of white is like asking to go on an endless roller coaster of hell. However, with Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc, I can enjoy a few glasses without feeling nauseous, bloated, or otherwise awful. All my guests can have a glass or two with me, guilt-free.

4. Sparkling White 

Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White is so similar to champagne, your guests won’t even know the difference – trust me, even my husband didn’t! Celebrate with sparkling white, or add your favorite flavorings to create a fun and fruity sparkling beverage for your guests to try. Since this sparkling white is made from real grapes with no added preservatives, it gives you the exact same dry, bubbly taste as real champagne. Honestly, I don’t miss alcohol at all.

Stock Up and Save

Now is the perfect time to stock up on all these anti-hangover, low-sugar Surely wines. If you act now, you’ll get 15% off your first order plus free shipping with code WINELOVER! Say goodbye to those dreadful hangovers and start enjoying your favorite wines the right way.

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