10 Tips to Plan an Unforgettable Party

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With the rise of the Omicron variant, those post-COVID parties you’ve been dreaming of might have to wait a little longer. While you have some time by yourself, however, you might as well get ready to throw the greatest party ever after the pandemic ends! Read on below for 10 tips to plan a truly unforgettable party.

1. Timing

The first thing to do when planning an unforgettable party is to choose a day and time. Plan your party when most of the people you invite will be able to come. The standard Friday or Saturday night is always a safe bet.

2. People

You can’t have a party without people, so once you’ve decided on a day and time, start sending invites! Always plan on some people not being able to make it, so invite 25 to 50 percent more people than you want to actually be there.

3. Theme

Choosing a theme to plan your party around will make all your planning a little easier. You can go with a cultural theme like Chinese or Mexican food, or even just a vibe you want the party to have. Do you want your party to be loud and exciting or simple and relaxing? This will influence all your other planning decisions.

4. Food

No party is complete without great food. Choose some favorite finger food party classics like chips, a veggie tray, sandwiches, and cookies. If you like to cook and want to get a little bit fancy, your party is a great time to try out some new recipes.

5. Drinks

Drinks are another important part of an unforgettable party. If you’re supplying alcohol, make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic options for those who can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol. Try making punch or simply buying some big soda bottles.

6. Music

Just as important as food is the music you play at your party. It can be hard to know what everyone’s taste is, so unless you know a specific kind of music everyone in your group will enjoy, just throw on a “today’s hits” playlist.

7. Lighting and decorations

The right lighting and decorations can really take your party to the next level. Choose things that fit the mood and theme of your party. This touch is especially important for holiday-themed parties at Christmas or Halloween.

8. Activities

The activities that you plan for your party really depend on your theme. Some parties are great with nothing more than music and dancing. Whatever your theme is, try to find some fun party games to help your guests interact and enjoy spending time together.

9. Cleaning

No matter how well you plan the theme, music, lighting, and food of your party, it won’t feel right if your house is a mess. Try to get all the main areas of your home clean, but also expect that the place will get messy during the party, so save your energy and don’t spend too much time on the tiny details.

10. General housekeeping

It’s important to be a good host to your guests, so make sure your home is stocked with anything people might need. Be sure your bathrooms are clean and stocked with soap and toilet paper and that you have clean dishes or disposable ones for guests to eat from. This might not be the most exciting aspect of party planning, but it’s definitely important.

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