Why Are There Rumors That BTS is Going on Hiatus?

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One rumor spreading virally on the internet right now is that Korean boy band BTS is taking a hiatus and no longer producing music together. Is there any truth to this rumor? And what does it mean for the future of the group? Read on below to find out.

A video through their management company

Last week, BTS released a video through their management company where they apparently made the surprising announcement that they will be going on hiatus for the time being. The video was part of BTS’s annual Festa, an event where the group celebrates the anniversary of their debut together.

In the video, BTS frontman Kim Nam-joon said, “After 10 years of living as BTS and working on all our schedules, it’s physically impossible for me to mature anymore.” It’s apparent that Nam-joon and some of the other members of the group feel that they’ve come a long way with BTS but want a chance to grow and expand their horizons by focusing on their own music.

Clarification by BTS reps

Representatives for BTS have since clarified that the meaning of the announcement was somewhat lost in translation due to imperfect English subtitles in the video. In fact, an official statement from the band’s label HYBE said, “BTS are not taking a hiatus. Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time.”

Many are unsure whether BTS is actually making the decision to keep working together or if that decision would come from pressure from HYBE after the announcement.

Reception from fans

There have been a variety of reactions and emotions from BTS fans, who call themselves “ARMY.” The primary response has understandably been confusion, as the dissonance between what the members of BTS have said and the statement from their record label has left everyone unsure of what’s happening.

The majority of BTS fans seem to be supportive of the change, whatever it really looks like, as long as the artists are doing what they want to and not being pushed in one direction by their label or the industry.

Reactions from the music industry

In addition to the responses from fans so far, there have been mixed reactions from those in the music industry. The Korean Singers Association is one organization that’s been vocally opposed to the hiatus and its president stated, “I’m overcome by my fear and concern that the ‘BTS Hallyu Wave,’ a movement possessing the greatest cultural soft power that the world has ever witnessed, will vanish soon.”

What are the BTS members going to do now?

According to the announcement, each of the seven members of BTS will now take some time to focus on growing their solo career. Whether or not this really is a “hiatus,” per se, we’ll be sure to see more solo music from the artists in the near future.

Whether or not they put out more music together, BTS will continue working together on their web series Run BTS

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