4 Ways to Get Ready For Halloween a Month Early

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Fall 2022 is in full swing, with areas across the U.S. beginning to feel the cool weather, and with it comes the beginning of the holiday season. Halloween is the first major holiday typically celebrated in the fall and winter, so now is the time to start preparing if you want to get the holiday season going right. Read on below for four great ways to get ready for Halloween a month early.

Buy your pumpkins early

One great thing about decorating for Halloween is that the Halloween style of decor is often simply a “spooky” extension of traditional fall decor. If you plan wisely and buy the right pieces, your decor can serve double duty.

Pumpkins are key to both Halloween decor and general fall decor, so buy yours early in October to keep your home or apartment looking well-decorated for the whole season. You can keep your pumpkins intact for several weeks and then cut them into jack o’ lanterns the week of Halloween if you’d like.

Plan a Halloween party

Don’t have plans for Halloween yet? Maybe this year, try planning a Halloween party for family or friends! The plan for the day is usually pretty straightforward for kids and parents, but if you’re an adult without children and you’re a bit too old to go trick-or-treating by yourself, planning your own Halloween party is a great way to give yourself and your friends something to do.

For a perfect Halloween party (or any party, for that matter) three major things need to be, in order: food, music, and decorations. Don’t be afraid to ask other friends to help you plan and put together things, as trying to do it all on your own can make the holiday unnecessarily stressful.

Be on the lookout for good deals on candy

If you procrastinate your Halloween preparation, you’ll often find that by the day of the event it’s difficult to find candy anywhere. You could then end up either going without it or paying more than you want to, so it’s best to start planning early.

Most candy should last a long time, so be on the lookout for good deals on bags of it for a month or so before Halloween. Take note of the prices at different places you shop so you can make sure to get the best value for your money. Kids in your neighborhood or guests at your Halloween party will thank you!

Prep your costume

Just like candy, your Halloween costume will be better and cheaper if you keep an eye out for good options well in advance of the big day. If you have kids, be sure to line up their costumes in advance as well. Costumes for kids can be reused from year to year if they don’t grow too much, so it can be helpful to check if the old costumes fit before going out and buying new things.

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