5 Romantic Home Decor Ideas

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One important thing to keep in mind when decorating your home is making sure it’s a comfortable place for you and a significant other to be together. Whether you want to go for an overtly romantic style of decor or simply a decoration scheme that helps you feel relaxed and romantic, read on below for five helpful decor tips.

Keeping things comfortable

When decorating your home to feel romantic, the first thing to have in mind is what’s comfortable for you and your significant other. If you put together a well-designed and elegant decorating scheme but you feel awkward and uncomfortable in the space, your home won’t feel romantic.

Don’t be afraid to hold onto certain pieces because they’re comfortable or hold sentimental value, even if they aren’t necessarily the most stylish. Instead, try to decorate your apartment around the pieces you know and love so your decor can feel refined and romantic while also feeling consistent with itself.


No decorating scheme can come together right without a tasteful color palette, so decide on this before you start buying pieces. A perfect romantic color scheme should have a balance of light and dark neutral hues, with the optional addition of a warm red or burgundy to drive home the romantic aesthetic.


Your lighting choices can make or break your decor’s romantic feeling, so it’s important to choose carefully. Low lights in warm hues can bring out your features and the features of your decorations while also being gentle enough to let you feel comfortable and calm in your home.

It can help to have multiple sources of lighting in each room in your home so you have more control over the brightness and more options for saving energy when you don’t need a room fully lit. While a ceiling light without dimmers can only really provide you with one level of light, adding a dimmer switch and a lamp or two gives you much more versatility.


Texture is everything when it comes to feeling comfortable and romantic in your home, so pay attention to what fabrics and materials you use. Incorporating luxury materials like silk and velvet can add a lot to your romantic decor, but there are great budget options available as well. Rayon, for example, is known as “artificial silk” for a reason.

When going for a romantic feeling in your home, it can be tempting to overdo it with soft, fuzzy textures, but it’s also important to have balance. Let things that are meant to be soft, like blankets and pillows, be ultra-soft, but be sure to have some more conservative textures as well.

Pro tip: elegant curtains or drapes

As stated earlier, lighting is one of the most important elements to create a romantic space. It’s not too hard to hang lights or add lighting if you don’t have enough, but what if your problem is too much light? Adding a stylish set of heavy curtains or drapes is a perfect way to gain more control of your lighting while also adding a refined flair to your home. 

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