World Cup 2022: The Final Results

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It’s no secret that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and this year’s World Cup international tournament has been one of the most-watched sporting events of all time. From the beginning of the round of 16 all the way through to the final game, read on below for the final results of the World Cup 2022.

Round of 16

The round of 16 is the first round of the World Cup knockout stage, a single elimination tournament between the 16 teams that won first or second place in their groups in the group stage. The teams that moved on from the group stage to the knockout stage were the Netherlands, USA, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Croatia, Brazil, South Korea, England, Senegal, France, Poland, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Teams that made it to the knockout stage are placed on the opposite side of the bracket from the other team that made it from their group so they don’t have to play each other again early in the knockout stage. The teams that won their games in the round of 16 to move on were the Netherlands, Argentina, Croatia, Brazil, England, France, Morocco, and Portugal.


The quarter-finals or round of 8 weeds through the teams even further, and this year’s round of 8 started with Croatia’s stunning victory over Brazil 1(4)-1(2). The next day, Argentina and Lionel Messi clenched a big win over Netherlands 2(3)-2(4). Neither of the next two quarter-final games had to be decided by a penalty shootoff, as France beat England 2-1 and Morocco beat Portugal 1-0.


The semi-finals are the last games for the four teams standing to decide whether they’ll have a shot at winning the World Cup or not, and both semi-finals this year showed clear dominance by the winning team. Though Argentina held possession of the ball less than 40% of their game against Croatia, they had five more shots on goal than the opposition. Two points from Julián Álvarez and one from Lionel Messi pulled Argentina to a 3-0 victory.

The France-Morocco game went similarly, with France possessing the ball for 40% of the game but successfully converting both of their shots on goal for a 2-0 victory. French defender Theo Hernandez scored early in the game for a quick lead, and forward Randal Kolo Muani scored another goal in the 79th minute to finish it off.

Third-place playoff

Though they had already missed their chance to win the World Cup, the two teams who competed for the third-place playoff fought hard. The game ended in a 2-1 victory going in favor of Croatia over Morocco. Croatia’s Josko Gvardiol and Mislav Orsic both scored goals to weigh out the single goal scored by Morocco’s Achraf Dari.

Final results

The winner of the most important soccer game and tournament of the year was Argentina, winning a 3(4)-3(2) match against France. Lionel Messi scored two goals, and Angel Di María scored one for Argentina, but France’s Kylian Mbappe played an incredible game and scored three points himself to hold them off during the standard time control. In the penalty kick shootoff, Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez blocked three shots from France’s best players to lead his team to win the game.

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