M3GAN: Why Is This Movie So Buzzy Right Now?

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Spring and summer of 2022 saw plenty of big movie releases, but one film that missed out on many “best of the year” lists due to its late release was the horror film M3GAN. This movie grossed $45 million globally during its first week, which, while not as much as some of the year’s movies, is extremely impressive considering the movie’s budget of just $12 million. Read on below to learn why M3GAN is so buzzy right now and whether it’s worth watching for you.

What is M3GAN?

M3GAN is a sci-fi horror movie that premiered on December 7th, just over a month ago. The film follows an artificially intelligent doll named M3GAN as she gains sentience and becomes extremely protective of her owner, a young girl named Cady.

The movie takes off quickly, as the doll becomes violent in plotting to “serve” her human companion. People have called the movie a mixture of Terminator and Chucky, and while it’s not for everyone, fans of the horror genre are sure to find something in it they enjoy.

Why do critics love this movie?

While casual fans have enjoyed this movie, the most praise for it has actually come from professional film critics. As of January 10th, the film has an impressive 94% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus of the film reads, “Unapologetically silly and all the more entertaining for it, M3GAN is the rare horror-comedy that delivers chuckles as effortlessly as chills.”

Critics called M3GAN “a blazing pleasure to behold,” “surprisingly entertaining,” and “a little smarter and a lot funnier than it probably needed to be.” The general opinion is that the movie does a phenomenal job of adding some dark humor to a chilling and thought-provoking horror story.

A perfect time to release this film

Some of M3GAN’s success in theaters and with reviewers is certainly due to the popularity of artificial intelligence as a conversation topic over the last few months. AI-powered computer programs are taking the world by storm and are already capable of doing everything from functioning as virtual assistants to generating completely unique art.

AI is a polarizing and somewhat controversial topic, as the future technological opportunities it presents are nearly limitless but the risks associated with it are widely unknown. Many movies have been made about dangerous artificial intelligence, because it’s an idea that’s hard to let go of when thinking about this new technology. While films like this can be campy and fun just for the entertainment value, it is important for people to consider the potential dangers associated with new tech.

Have casual fans liked the movie as well?

While it’s common for critics and audience members to disagree about the merits of a movie, M3GAN is one case where both parties seemed to enjoy it. Fans on Rotten Tomatoes gave M3GAN an average 80% rating, with many saying that they felt the storyline was more well-crafted than similar options in the horror genre. Most fans of the movie said they were pleasantly surprised by how the story was told.

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