The Top 5 Finance Apps for Earning Money as You Spend

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Chances are you’ve been feeling the effects of inflation lately – pretty much everyone has. At the very least, you’ve probably wished prices were lower. The cashback features in some finance apps can help.

When you get cash back as you spend, your effective purchase price decreases. Cashback apps are straightforward, too – you’ll make your usual purchases and claim your app’s offers just before or after you buy. From there, you’ll get cash back. 

The below finance apps are our top five picks for getting cash back almost every time you buy something.

1. Upside

You can use Upside to earn cash back on purchases at major brand-name locations and smaller local stores. Big-name brands with offers available through Upside include Save a Lot, Domino’s, and Dairy Queen. 

If you have a car, you’ll love that Upside includes offers from just about every gas brand. This means you can save money each and every time you fill up, which is a huge win with gas prices so high.

Using Upside is easy, too. To start, just claim your offer on Upside. Then, pay with your usual debit or credit card. After that, upload your receipt or check into the app to submit your purchase. From there, you’ll get your cash back right away in the app, with easy transfers to your bank.

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2. Times Club

Times Club offers a cash reward for joining, and this bonus immediately places Times Club among the best finance apps for cashback rewards. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get access to exclusive deals and premium rewards on a variety of services. 

Notably, Times Club is primarily focused on the Indian market – it’s a product from the Times of India Group. You can use the app to send money, gifts, or flowers to family members in India.

Brands that offer exclusive rewards through Times Club include FabIndia,, Patel Brothers,, Shemaroo, and Disney+. The app will deposit all your cashback earnings directly into your in-app wallet, meaning there are no vouchers or coupons. You can immediately transfer your cash to your bank account, making Times Club an especially easy way to earn money as you spend.

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3. Swagbucks

Through Swagbucks, you can gradually earn money online as you shop with big-name brands such as Walmart. You can also play games, watch videos, browse the web, or answer survey questions in the Swagbucks app. Your actions will earn you points that you can convert to gift cards. You can also turn these points into cash you can withdraw through PayPal.

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4. Drop

With the Drop app, you’ll play games and shop at big names such as Starbucks to accumulate points over time. There are also monthly point drops, and you’ll earn more points as you complete more activities within the app. You can use your points to make additional purchases in the app, or you can convert your points to branded gift cards or cryptocurrency.

5. ReceiptHog

With ReceiptHog, you can stick to your budget, keep receipts in case you need to return items, and get cash back. You’ll earn rewards every time you upload a receipt, and you can redeem your cash quickly after that. You can also use ReceiptHog to directly share feedback with brands.

Ready to start earning cash back on your purchases? Sign up for a cashback app, take a few minutes to set it up, then make your first purchases. We recommend Upside for gas purchases and easy payout, and Times Club for Indian purchases and a strong signup bonus.

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