5 reasons why I switched to Primary Health Plus as my primary care provider

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1. Provide the equitable and specialized care that older adults deserve

As you age, you may require different types of healthcare services due to changes in your physical, cognitive, and emotional health. Specialized care for older adults should take into account age-related health conditions, such as chronic diseases, mobility issues, cognitive impairment, and other age-related changes.

Examples of specialized care for older adults may include geriatric assessment, polypharmacy management, fall prevention, palliative care and more.

2. Have an entire health team that is focused on an older adult health care plan

From dedicated doctors and care team members who take the time to know and understand your individual health needs to help with Medicare and insurance paperwork, they help eliminate the hassles to help you take care of yourself.

They go above and beyond by taking the time to get to know you and focusing on your overall wellness, including any specialty care like behavioral health, podiatry and pharmacy services.

3. Handle the most common geriatric conditions

This includes but is not limited to arthritis, osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, incontinence, fall-related injuries, hypertension, diabetes, depression and hearing/vision loss.

4. Easy to find primary health providers near you

Primary Health Plus currently operates more than 130 centers across 20 states and is the only primary care provider to carry the AARP name.

Find a primary care provider near you or get started scheduling a virtual appointment.

5. Provide telehealth primary care services as well

If you are unable to go to a clinic near you or prefer virtual care, Primary Health Plus offers some services remotely. This is especially convenient for remote or rural areas where medical facilities are not easily available.

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