TOMS Are More Than Good Shoes — They’re Also Good for The World. Here’s Why

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A great pair of shoes improves your life in all kinds of ways — top-notch shoes keep your feet comfortable after hours of walking and complete your most fashionable outfits. A truly excellent pair of shoes, though, checks all these boxes while improving life for more than just you. That’s why TOMS’ espadrilles and Alpargatas are the best shoes around — they’re as good for you as for the whole world. Here’s why.

1. One-third of TOMS’ profits go to great causes

TOMS has always donated one-third of its profits to grassroots good, with a focus on funding mental health resources stateside and beyond. These donations also go toward initiatives in health, education, economic opportunity, clean water, safe birth, and ending gun violence. When you buy TOMS, you get the shoes you want as others get what they need.

2. TOMS are stylish and high-quality

The cherry on top of your TOMS funding good is that they’re also stylish and high-quality. All TOMS products, including its espadrilles, Alpargatas, eyewear, and accessories, are designed to prioritize comfort, durability, and appearance. Fashion has rarely felt and looked so good — all while causing so much good.

3. TOMS are made ethically

Just as TOMS puts money toward life-improving initiatives, it ensures fair labor conditions for its workers. In fact, TOMS is a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), so when it comes to ethical production, the brand truly puts its money where its mouth is. All of TOMS’ suppliers are just as committed to social responsibility — no wonder TOMS is a certified B Corporation.

4. TOMS are made sustainably

TOMS’ care for people extends to the very planet home to us all. Sustainable materials such as organic and recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and natural hemp are common in TOMS shoes, minimizing the brand’s environmental impact. Plus, there’s no plastic in TOMS shoes, and there’s minimal plastic in TOMS packaging too. From how TOMS makes its products to what it does with its profits, the company acts responsibly in every sense.

5. TOMS knows its communities — and gets them involved

TOMS believes that buying responsibly sourced, responsibly designed shoes from a company that funds good is just one of many steps a customer can take. The brand also maintains partnerships, hosts events, and runs campaigns that educate people and drive them to action. Many of TOMS’ donations go to community organizations as well. TOMS is more connected to the average person than any other shoe brand.

6. TOMS are more than espadrilles and Alpargatas

Although canvas slip-on shoes are an undeniable classic, they’re far from the only TOMS shoe available. TOMS also offers sandals, sneakers, wedges, boots, and so much more for men, women, and children. Plus, there are non-shoe TOMS too — sunglasses, socks, you name it. When you need that statement piece to complete your outfit, choose TOMS — you’ll get what you want while making a difference.

7. TOMS are reasonably priced

A big reason why TOMS has so much profit to donate is that people flock to its reasonable prices. With these prices, more people can buy what TOMS sells, giving the brand more money to donate — in fact, TOMS’ prices are less than what you’d pay for other big-name brands. Getting great footwear and improving the world have rarely been so accessible.

Ready to complete your next outfit while doing good? Sign up for TOMS’ email list for 15% off your first order, or join its text list for 20% off. Then, browse TOMS’ website for whatever footwear, apparel, or accessories you might want. Your purchase will make your day — and someone else’s.