Would you wear underwear made of plastic?

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There is no denying that the fashion industry has released some of the strangest clothing over the years. From questionable handbags that resemble IKEA grocery bags to high-end dresses that were wrapped up in a cleaning bag. While some may buy those for the novelty or the sake of high fashion, a lot of people would raise their eyebrows at them. But not what is being launched worldwide by a company out of Finland.

This company behind these designs, “The Other Danish Guy” was founded by Danish man Tommi Lähde, is a new brand of underwear that’ll change the underwear game for companies like Hugo Boss, DKNY, Fruit of the Loom, Calvin Klein and more! That’s right, eco-friendly underwear is finally on the market for both men and women and the material is not what you’d expect. While those big brand companies have been using cotton for their underwear; Lähde uses plastic.

This new idea for fashion makes sense as the plastic that we throw out isn’t always used to recreate other items. In the case of “The Other Danish Guy”, they retrieve plastic that’s discarded in the ocean. A lot of that material happens to be fishing nets amongst a few other items that are harmful to marine animals. What the company then does after they retrieve the materials is clean it up and then process them into stylish and comfortable underwear for people to wear. Overall the designs are trendy and you won’t even feel much a difference between them and the regular ones. It’s to the point that several athletes are already choosing to wear this eco-friendly underwear too.

While the plastic underwear is nice, this sort of phenomenon is starting to emerge in a variety of other areas. This isn’t the first company to create plastic products out of recycled plastic (excluding the re-usable plastic grocery bags). One company called 8hz is a new ethical brand company that’s devoted to making fabric out of plastic bottles. Already the company has created backpacks out of plastic found in LA oceans and lakes. 

All in all a lot of companies are emerging and focusing primarily on materials that people are throwing away to make beautiful products. In many cases, these products revolve around taking up plastic that’s already thrown out as opposed to buying plastic via petroleum which is where most plastic comes from. Naturally, the later is far more harmful to the environment.

In the end, these emerging companies show that plastic can be used for a lot more than just reusable bottles or for plastic bags. Plastic can create quality and durable products in a variety of ways. From bookbags to even our underwear, our innovation and technological progress can bring forth a whole new era of companies using thrown materials to make amazing and great products that we’ll use for months or even years!

So remember when you see some plastic lying on the ground, go and recycle it and feel happy knowing that companies are making an effort to make great products with it.


2 thoughts on “Would you wear underwear made of plastic?

  • June 19, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    Please have all clothing companies to stop using the plastic products to go to be completely safe plus to protect our environment against climate change

  • June 19, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    Please could everyone to stop wearing plastic clothing and trainers as it made out of plastic it the raincoats pvc clothes firms need to be stopped immediately from Carry on making it not helping our environment so please all public people who are in the fashion industry to stop using the plastic material types the make clothes collection to save our environment to used cotton fabric as it will help us to fight against climate change please have this pass on to All fashion designer companies please it time to be safe from the tonic poisonous chemical plastic material please thank you


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