Why You Want A Fitness Routine

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It’s not news that it’s good to get to the gym. If you’re someone who’s not the most active, getting to a gym is a commendable step forward. However many gym newcomers often turn to cardio machines before doing a few ab moves and are done for the day. While a lot of people think that’s a good step forward, a long-term fitness routine is far more likely to fail in their health goals if there’s no plan in place. Without a plan, you are more at risk of burnout and many personal trainers will tell you why that is.

The first big benefit that you’ll see from having a workout plan is that it helps in preventing under or overtraining. Any fitness professional will tell you this is an important aspect to training. You want your training to be difficult, but not to the point where you feel like you’re going to die. Furthermore, you want a workout that’s going to make you break a sweat and build progress towards your goals. But going into more detail, if you spend your time wandering around the gym trying different things, you may end up a workout on specific muscles too much and others much less. When you have a plan you can map out what sort of areas each part is working out on and boil it down to a science.

Because of that precision, a fitness plan can provide a lot of structure for yourself. When you don’t have a plan you are wandering around but you are also wasting time. When you have a specific plan in mind you already know what’s next. That means after you’re done the exercise you can prepare for the next exercise or perform it right then and there. Knowing the next step is key to everything when it comes to health. Also, your plan should also have the number of reps as well as sets so you’re not stuck wondering how many you need to do.

The third reason that you want a fitness plan is that it provides goals. If you’re going with pre-built fitness plans you have a goal in mind. Those plans aren’t made of a mishmash of exercises. They are precise in where they want you to focus on. Things like general strength, toning, and bodybuilding require various exercises at different levels of intensity. Because of that, those exercises can provide you with goals to strive for.

The fourth reason to have a fitness plan is that it gives you a checklist. A lot of people love the concepts to do lists or checklists. It feels satisfying to check something off. For this reason, having a workout plan can help you feel great about knocking out each item on the list. At the end of the day, you can then give yourself a pat on the back for completing it too.

The final reason why you want a workout plan is that prevents burnout. Burnout sucks and if you don’t have a plan a lot of people wander around at the very least. For others, some may get burnt out by doing too much of one thing and overtrain. That can lead to injury in the long-term but it can also lead to people burning out. This isn’t to say a plan is going to remove burnout altogether, however, when you have a plan in mind, it’s easier to stick to it as opposed to “winging it.” When you have a well-structured plan you won’t get burnt out because your plan usually forces you to change your routine every few weeks or so.

In the end, not all workout plans are the best out there. Some work for some people while others fall short. But in the end, having a plan will put you further ahead than those who don’t.

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