Killer Couple Packs Severed Body Parts into Baby Stroller

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A married couple in Mexico caught with baby stroller might have killed 20 women according to the case’s chief investigator as the baby stroller was discovered to be full of cut-off body parts.

The couple was arrested in Ecatepec which is a small city in the northern region of the country’s capital on Thursday, 4th October 2018, in accordance with what the chief prosecutor of Mexico City, Alejandro Gomez said.

The couple simply identified as “Juan Carlos N.” and “Patricia N.”has been under suspicion since phone records have shown that they’ve been in contact with three (3) women who later turned up missing and one of them had a two-month-old baby who had also disappeared.

On Thursday, the police suspected the missing child might be inside the baby stroller that Juan N. and Patricia N. pushed out as they were leaving their home and they decided to search the stroller only for the police officials to discover cut-up body parts in plastic bags which was obvious the couple wanted to discard in an empty place.

On further search, the police discovered eight(8) more buckets in a very close plot of land that was filled with dismembered body parts and later uncovered frozen body parts in a refrigeration unit in the couple’s home, said the chief prosecutor on Sunday,October 7th.

It is reported by the Associated Press that the husband admitted to killing 20 women but chose to identify and describe 10 of his alleged victims and he claimed to sexually abuse some of the women.

Alejandro Gomez when he was telling the Mexico radio program, Formula, said the man appeared to take pride in his killings and said there were some signs that showed the man suffered from a personality disorder and felt resentment towards his mother and a girl he had previously dated. The chief prosecutor said ‘He seemed happy about what he had done’.

It is thought that Patricia N., the wife just helped the man to tempt in the victims which are mostly single mothers by offering them inexpensive baby clothes but there is a chance she played a role that is submissive in the whole devious plan.

The partners reportedly admitted to selling the two-month-old baby to another couple. The baby had been recovered and after the baby’s mother’s body was discovered, the other couple had been arrested and detained.

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