What Emily Skye Tells Herself Whenever She Feels Like Giving Up

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Through our various individual journeys through life, there are bound to be challenges we will meet on the way that we have to overcome. These challenges vary in their sizes and level of difficulty, some might come as minor hindrances while others appear as gargantuan entities that block our progress. These challenges are part of life, they are inherent to living as fully functional human being in this world and time that we are in.

While the challenges are there for everyone to overcome, no matter the social or economic standing of the person, the ways we go about overcoming them and picking up from where we get stuck are very different. Each individual has his or her own coping mechanism to handle these when they get rough. But the sad thing is, some of our mechanisms don’t work– we try all we can and put all of our efforts into getting back on track but things seem to never want to be the same again.

As we are not islands, we constantly interact with the world around us, in the same way, we can learn from people around and find a way to cope by keying into the mentality of those who have been there and done it. Enters Emily Skye.

Emily Skye is a social media star and a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world. Though just like everyone else, she has those days that life just feels greatly intense. How does she then cope with these difficult times? That is, what does she do to motivate herself that stops her from yielding to this overwhelming feeling at that time? What stops her from giving up?

Skye, who is an ambassador for Good American (the activewear brand of Khloe Kardashian) shared her often repeated slogan that keeps her from quitting and it can be used at almost any time or situation- whether you are working out or dealing with work troubles.

If she is unbelievably busy or suffering frustration or just caught up in a dull routine, she puts it in mind that nothing lasts forever and she is just going through that phase in her life. According to her ‘If I am going through a tough time, I remind myself that I am stronger than I think I am, and I am capable and I will get through this’.

Whenever she goes through these periods, she speaks positive things to herself in an encouraging manner, and she exercises which helps her to deal effectively with these times, it also helps her feel better about herself and it helps her with the belief that she can achieve anything she wants to.

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