My 3 Tips To Stick To Your New Years Resolution

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It’s hard to believe we only have a few more days in 2018! I always take some time during these last few days of the year to reflect on my resolutions from the previous year and come up with some goals for the year ahead. And since I know I’m not alone, this year I have 3 tips for anyone who is having trouble coming up with the perfect new year’s resolution that you can actually stick to.
If your resolution meets these 3 criteria, you’re much more likely to stick to it!
  1. Your resolution can’t disrupt your regularly routine. For example, if your resolution in 2019 is to lose weight but you’re not a regular at the gym, a more likely way to succeed with your resolution would be to start eating healthier vs. disrupting your entire schedule with going to the gym. Easy win!
  2. There should be a financial commitment. At least for me, I hate paying for something that i’m not using. If I buy something to help me complete my resolution, I know i’m much more likely to stick to it.
  3. It should positively improve your day to day life in a noticeable way. An everyday reminder that you’re sticking to your plan and making a positive impact on your life can go a long way.
So what’s my 2019 resolution?
My 2019 resolution is to invest in my health and remove dangerous chemicals from my life. Recently I learned that my current deodorant contains aluminum, parabens and a bunch of other stuff proving to be harmful to my health. In 2019 I’m starting with natural deodorant which hits all 3 of my requirements for a great new years resolution.
  1. I wear deodorant daily already so my morning routine isn’t disrupted, just enhanced!
  2. Natural deodorant is a little more expensive than my current brand, so i’ll be extra sure to use it daily!
  3. Putting it on is a daily reminder that i’m sticking to my resolution to live a healthier, chemical free life!
After endless research, i’ve decided to commit to Kopari Coconut Deodorant. This aluminum-free deodorant glides on clear, is never sticky and leaves me smelling like fresh coconut milk. Also, it has thousands of 5 star reviews. The best part, since Kopari offers a 20% discount for an every other month subscription its easier than ever to stick to my 2019 resolution!

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