Celebrate Pi Day With These Pie Recipes

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Pi Day is celebrated on March 14, since the number pi (represented by the symbol π) is rounded to 3.14. Pi Day isn’t just for math lovers, though – food lovers mark the occasion by baking, serving and enjoying all sorts of delicious pies. Try any of the recipes below for a dinner or dessert that’s bound to satisfy your Pi Day cravings:

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie, from My Recipes

Okay, this one isn’t as sweet or as full of fruit or pudding as one might expect a pie to be. It’s more of an actual meal, but it’s just so good that it belongs on this list, too. The pie filling is made from chicken, peas, carrots, mushrooms, and other culinary delights. My Recipes also offers an alternate filling that uses cheddar cheese and bacon in place of chicken. Hungry yet?

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie, from Food 52

This pie recipe calls for pecans in both the filling and the top layer, just so you can be 100% sure you’re getting your Pi Day pecan fix. You only need a bit of cocoa powder to give the filling its rich chocolate flavor. Even a novice can easily make this one!

Key Lime Pie with a No-bake Crust, from Favorite Family Recipes

Many pies suggest you use a premade crust, but for this recipe, you’ll get to make it yourself! All you need is graham crackers, butter, and sugar. After you mix them together, press the mixture evenly into the pie dish, and let the pan sit in your fridge for an hour. You’ll have a perfect crust for the mix of eggs, lime juice, and condensed milk that forms the filling.

Zesty Easy Lemon Pie Recipe, from Pass The Sushi

For this pie, you’ll also get to make your own crust, but instead of cooling it to solidify it, you’ll bake it. After your crust forms, you’ll make a filling that’s pretty much the same as for the key lime pie recipe, but with lemon instead of lime. No wonder this recipe has the word “easy” in its title — if you can make that key lime pie, you can make this one too!

Chocolate Pie, from The Pioneer Woman

This one is amazing for anyone who has a serious sweet tooth. You don’t even need to use your oven for anything involving the filling! After you bake and cool the crust, you’ll make the filling on your stovetop, and then you’ll pour it atop your crust and throw the whole thing directly into the fridge. After four hours, you’ll have the chocolate pie of your dreams.

Apple Pie, from Taste of Home

The apple pie is an American classic. Make sure to have enough apples on hand to measure six or seven cups when sliced thinly, don’t slack on the sugar and cinnamon, and you’ll have no trouble using this recipe to bake an apple pie you’ll be talking about for days.

Sweet Potato Pie, from Genius Kitchen

Another American pie staple, this recipe is super simple to make and will have you thinking back to all sorts of amazing Thanksgiving feasts. Use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk to give this pie that fluffy yet dense texture all pie lovers crave.

What are some of your favorite pie recipes? Share them with us in the comments!

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