Five New Shows Premiering This Month

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Nobody can be blamed for feeling like there are just too many shows out there. As programming goes, overchoice is a serious issue. Anyone with a Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime subscription might need some help finding their new favorite show, so here are five especially notable programs premiering this month.

Special (Netflix, April 12)

In his memoir I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, author Ryan O’Connell recounts his life as a gay man with mild cerebral palsy. Way back in 2015, The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons — also a gay man — announced he would executive produce a TV show based on O’Connell’s memoir. Nearly four years later, the show is finally arriving on Netflix, where it will be the show’s first series with episodes running only 15 minutes long. Netflix acquired the show from Warner Bros TV, which originally signed on to oversee it.

Bless This Mess (ABC, April 16)

Early last year, Fox greenlit a new single-camera comedy from Liz Meriwether, who created the Fox hit New Girl. ABC later stepped in to order this show, Bless This Mess, to series. The show will star Lake Bell, who is also credited as co-writer and director, and Dax Shepard. It depicts the life of an urban couple that relocates to Nebraska to live a simpler lifestyle but encounters plenty of obstacles in their transition. Currently, ABC has ordered six episodes.

Ramy (Hulu, April 19)

For Ramy, Jerrod Carmichael of The Carmichael Show, Ari Katcher, and Studio A24 have teamed up with the show’s titular comedian, Ramy Youssef, for a sitcom based loosely on Youssef’s own life. In Ramy, Youssef explores the dichotomy between the strictness of traditional Muslim ideals and the looseness of modern millennial lifestyles. The show uses a “politically divided” New Jersey neighborhood as the backdrop for this fascinating, hilarious contrast.

Gentleman Jack (HBO, April 22)

Contrary to this show’s title, its main character is not at all a man, nor is she gentle. Instead, Gentleman Jack, which is based on a true story, focuses on Anne Lister, a landowner who weaves her way into high society while distancing herself from social standards. Set in 1832, Gentleman Jack shows how Lister works to rejuvenate her crumbling ancestral home by reopening local coal mines and marrying a person with money. Unprecedented for the time, though, is that Lister never seeks to marry a man.

Bonding (Netflix, April 24)

Late last year, Netflix announced that it had picked up a new series from Rightor Doyle, best known for his work on You’re the Worst and Barry. The title of this new series, Bonding, is a play on words. It portrays the life of Peter, a newly-out gay man who begins working as an assistant to Tiff, one of New York’s most sought-after dominatrixes. Tiff just happens to be Peter’s best friend from high school, and the events of Bonding take place after years of Tiff and Peter falling out of touch.

Which of these shows will you be most excited to watch? What shows you are excited about that we haven’t included here? Let us know in the comments!

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