How Simple Health Saves Time And Money For Birth Control Users

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Did you know? One in every four women have skipped a required birth control dose just to extend the life of their prescription and save money on their medication. Additionally, 10 million women do not have health insurance, further limiting their ability to afford and regularly access safe and effective birth control of all types, including pills, patches, and rings.

Those seeking birth control prescriptions want the convenience of taking a small daily pill or an easy-to-use patch or ring, but receiving, filling, and maintaining that prescription takes a lot more effort than running to the nearby drugstore for some condoms. Scheduling doctor’s appointments, traveling to and from doctor’s offices, spending hours sitting in waiting rooms, and traveling to and from pharmacies to pick up prescriptions can create time and financial burdens. In the internet age, though, women don’t necessarily have to leave home or shell out ample sums to access their birth control prescriptions.

One subscription service works with physicians to determine if the pill, a patch, or a ring is best for your lifestyle — all without leaving the comfort of your home: Simple Health.

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Simple Health goes the distance in providing birth control  

Simple Health takes the guesswork out of choosing a birth control method and opens access to all people, but its benefits extend far beyond its flexibility. It’s a way to avoid hours of traveling to the doctor’s office, sitting in waiting rooms, traveling to the pharmacy, and waiting on pharmacy lines.

All three birth control methods offered by Simple Health work by emitting hormones that prevent ovulation and regulate the body’s natural hormonal cycle. Each method is 91% effective at preventing pregnancy, but since no two women are exactly the same, one method may be more effective than the other two. That’s why attentive and caring physicians at Simple Health thoroughly review each patient, taking medical history, lifestyle, and personal preferences into account.

Simple Health offers anyone in need of birth control a convenient, affordable way to get it online. To get started, Simple Health users fill out an online health profile, then it’s reviewed by licensed medical professionals, who determine eligibility and write a prescription. These consultations can happen from any place with an internet connection, eliminating the need to leave home and wait in doctor’s offices. Once a doctor determines the right method, Simple Health users will receive their prescriptions, delivered right to their doorstep at no extra cost. The process is simple and 100% respectful of your choices.

Patients no longer need to contact their doctors to renew their prescriptions, because Simple Health ships it right on time without patients having to take any extra steps. The company oversees prescription fulfillment and ensures that patients receive their medication in a timely, convenient manner. Once a patient is prescribed a birth control method, Simple Health ensures a speedy initial delivery, which it follows with refills that arrive well before the patient’s current prescription runs out.

Even those who have no health insurance can use Simple Health’s services. Simple Health offers birth control at affordable prices — just $15/month for generic birth control pills, compared to hundreds of dollars for other options — for uninsured patients. For those who do have insurance, most plans will fully cover Simple Health’s birth control prescriptions.

Birth control remains expensive and difficult to obtain for many women, but Simple Health is setting out to change that. Simple Health makes birth control pills, patches, and rings accessible to anyone in need of them, right from the privacy of home, on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Simple Health’s convenience, ease of use, and low costs make birth control not just wallet-friendly, but schedule-friendly. Visit the Simple Health website to get started with the most affordable, accessible birth control method around.

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