Is It Too Early To Prep for Halloween?

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Halloween is just over two months from today, and any celebrations that will take place the weekend before Halloween are even sooner. Even with the summer sun still blazing, you might already be thinking about costume ideas. Or maybe you feel like there’s no point in worrying about costumes until the sidewalks are speckled with red-orange leaves. If you’re not a costume person, you might be thinking about decorations instead – is Halloween truly complete if you don’t adorn your home with spiderwebs, friendly ghosts, and jack o’ lanterns?

If you’re really looking to make Halloween unforgettable this year, you might be wondering, is it too early to prep for Halloween? Here are four reasons why it’s never too early to start.

1. Creativity shouldn’t be rushed

If your Halloween 2019 goal is to walk into every party wearing a costume no one will ever forget, you’ll need to get really creative. Dressing up as a ghost, robber, clown, or the grim reaper might not quite leave that lasting impression.

That’s why now is as good a time as ever to start brainstorming ideas for your ultimate Halloween costume. No, you don’t need to think of your perfect costume right this moment, but creativity shouldn’t be rushed, so allow yourself to marinate some seedlings of ideas in your head as the next two months pass. That vision you have of an all-orange Halloween costume might gradually grow from a pumpkin to a much less traditional human-sized carrot if you start casually thinking about it now.

2. Costumes might be cheaper

Even if you’re not looking to go fully leftfield for Halloween this year, you could save some serious money by shopping for pre-packaged costumes early. Visit any Halloween or costume stores that are currently open, where the lower demand for costumes at this time of year can lead to prices far cheaper than those you’ll see when Halloween actually arrives.

This price logic holds especially true at the larger party and department stores, since these larger companies tend to make more money and can worry less about raising prices. You may want to consider making an early visit sooner than later to keep your Halloween spending low.

3. Decorations might be cheaper

At the same stores where you can purchase costumes, you’ll likely be able to find Halloween decorations for both the exterior and interior of your home. Make a list of every decoration you want for Halloween this year, and then bring your list with you when you shop so you forget nothing. Shopping now means you can find that gigantic, creepy plastic pumpkin for way cheaper than in October.

4. The last-minute costume rush is dreadful

More than anything, that last-minute rush to not just think of, but find a Halloween costume can be incredibly stressful. Avoid that “uh-oh” moment by planning now. If October 31st comes around and you have to resort to poking eye and mouth holes into an old bedsheet, you’ll probably regret not planning for Halloween sooner, so start now!

Do you think it’s too early to prep for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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