Six Quick, Fun Labor Day Ideas

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Not going anywhere for Labor Day? Just because you’re not traveling for the unofficial end of summer doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Enjoy this three-day weekend without driving too far or spending too much money with these six quick, fun Labor Day ideas.

Hit the beach

Perhaps the most obvious of summertime ideas, a three-day weekend offers plenty of time to drive to your nearest beach, soak up the sun and dip into the waves for a day, and then head back during sunset for a breathtaking view. Since beaches are all but certain to be crowded for this major holiday weekend, you might want to hit the road early and maybe even avoid major highways – traffic is the last thing you want to encounter on a holiday!

Take a hike

Hiking paths are often carved into some of nature’s most breathtaking scenery. Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes – you never know what you might encounter. You might have to put in some physical effort to reach the end of the trail, but since these trails tend to lead to sights you just can’t get at home, it’s worth the effort. And it’s certainly a different way to take in the warm weather while it lasts!

Go to a sports game

Plenty of sports are in season for the summer. Find a local game, whether a national sporting event or a more easily accessible, affordable regional game and buy tickets. Sports games will likely be easier to reach than beaches or hiking spots – you can probably find them right in your own city!

Do a spa day

What better way is there to relax than luxuriating in massages, saunas, and hot tubs? Get a day pass at a nearby spa to spend your days off from work doing the exact opposite of work, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a massage package if it costs extra. Bonus points if you find a spa with outdoor pools and hot tubs – might as well soak up as much sun as you can while the summer’s still hot!

Go full luxury

Is a spa day not luxurious enough for you? Then book a room at an elegant hotel with a highly-regarded restaurant. Check into your room just before dinner time, drop off your stuff, grab a delicious meal you’ll never forget, and pamper yourself with your hotel room’s fancy shower, bath, jacuzzi, and other amenities you might not experience every day. This Labor Day idea might be better for a couple, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it alone!

Host a potluck

If you’re not traveling for Labor Day, chances are that some of your friends are staying local too. Invite them over for a potluck so you can all chat, relax, and enjoy amazing homemade food. Alcohol is optional, but an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day will certainly keep you and your guests calm, cool, and collected. If you have a backyard, you can move your potluck there to properly enjoy the unofficial end of summer, but keeping your fun times indoors in the air conditioning doesn’t sound too bad either.

What are some of your quick, fun Labor Day ideas? Sound off in the comments!

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