Six Celebs Who Shocked The World With New Haircuts

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Celebrities can’t avoid the public eye. Every fashion choice, every political statement, and every artistic decision comes with some level of public scrutiny and comment. Even when celebrities do seemingly ordinary things, their actions become news.

Among these ordinary things: changing hairstyles. Everyday people can try out new hairstyles without much comment from people outside their friend circle, but when celebrities try new haircuts, they often shock the world. Here are six celebrities who have shocked the world with new haircuts.

Ariana Grande

For ages, Ariana Grande was as known for her music as she was for her high ponytail. At the end of 2018, Grande ditched the ponytail following her oft-discussed breakup with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. Instagram comments on her first post with her new haircut ranged from upset to excited, not to mention shocked. Nevertheless, Grande later donned long, flowing hair for the cover of her 2019 album Thank U, Next.

Cardi B

When Cardi B first became an inescapable household name in 2017, she was known for her perfectly symmetrical bob. She quickly became just as known for loving wigs and constantly changing her hair color. Yet nobody could have predicted her new hairstyle last month, when she opted for the high ponytail style that Ariana Grande had ditched almost a year earlier. Even more unexpectedly, Cardi B went blonde for the occasion. 


Although SZA has yet to release an album since her massive 2017 breakthrough CTRL, she’s jumped among plenty of new haircuts since then. After toying with green and pink hair, SZA debuted a faintly red Afro last month. Fans almost universally loved her new haircut, but just a few weeks later, she posted another picture of her hair down and in its naturally wavy, black state (with an adorable pet rabbit to boot).

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is among Twitter users’ favorite celebs, but it wasn’t until this past July that the renowned chef gave the internet a new haircut to truly talk about. Long known for her wavy, light brown hair, Teigen posted an Instagram story in which she donned blonde highlights and straighter (though not entirely straight) hair. Although Teigen had intended only to highlight her hair, she wound up coming off even more blonde than planned.

Gabrielle Union

Famed model Gabrielle Union wore a pixie cut to the ESPY Awards on July 10th. Then, on July 11th, she showed up at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards with waist-length braids. She kept her braids through early September, but by mid-month, she had changed her hairstyle yet again, opting for a wavy, mid-length cut. 

Millie Bobby Brown

One of the very youngest household names in the world, Millie Bobby Brown has changed her hair as often as an average 15-year-old might. When she hit the red carpet for the Stranger Things season three premiere earlier this year, her low ponytail hid a waist-length ponytail totally different from the shoulder-length, blond-highlighted hair she’d previously rocked. Then again, since Brown first became famous for playing a bald pre-teen, any haircut she rocks has the potential to shock the world.

What celebs have shocked you the most with new haircuts? Sound off in the comments!

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