Comparing Spot & Tango vs. Pet Plate

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Your dog is a member of the family — and you would never give a member of your family scraps. That’s why so many dog owners seek out brands that proudly use higher standards than the typical grocery store dog food, selecting meals that contain quality, human-grade ingredients.

Feeding your dog the highest-quality food is a noble quest, but it can take some work to determine the optimal diet for your canine companion. And with so many brands claiming their food is the best option for your dog, how can you know which is truly perfect for your pup?

If you’re already avoiding unregulated and low-quality dry kibble, you’ve likely come across two brands: Spot & Tango and Pet Plate. Both of these brands deliver fresh meals right to your doorstep, but each offers its own unique benefits. Here, we’ll dive into what brings these two companies together and what sets them apart.

What Spot & Tango and Pet Plate have in common

  • Human-grade protein, fruits, and vegetables. Both brands prioritize this vital nutrient group with meal options centered around meat your dog will devour. To complete their recipes’ nutrient profiles, both Spot & Tango and Pet Plate  supplement their meals with nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables. This diligence has earned both brands the stamp of approval from the USDA and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).
  • Veterinarian-approved and vet-nutritionist developed formulations. Each company consults with a team of reputable, highly-experienced veterinarians to devise healthy, tasty recipes that your pup will love.
  • Specially cooked to preserve the nutrient profile. When food is cooked at higher temperatures, vital nutrients can be eliminated, so both brands cook their meals at low temperatures to ensure that your pup is getting everything he or she needs.
  • Customized to your dog. Whether you have a 6-pound Yorkie or a 70-pound Dalmatian, both Spot & Tango and Pet Plate portion each meal accordingly. To get started with either brand, you’ll take a quiz that designs your dog’s meal plan to serve him or her the ideal diet for his or her weight, breed, age, and other important factors.
  • Shipped to your doorstep in environmentally-friendly packaging. Both Spot & Tango and Pet Plate offer fast and free shipping. The insulated box is entirely biodegradable and recyclable.

Where Spot & Tango and Pet Plate differ

  • Spot & Tango does not include any sub-par “organ meats.” Spot & Tango uses only high quality proteins. In fact they have the highest protein content of any fresh-frozen pet food brand, and they don’t cut corners by throwing in cheap organ meats like gizzard, hearts or liver.
  • Spot & Tango is specially cooked to preserve the nutrient profile. Although both brands use human-grade ingredients, only Spot & Tango cooks each ingredient separately. Meats, fruits and veggies are each cooked to perfection before being mixed together. This results in better nutritional integrity and a more pleasing appearance than kettle-cooked Pet Plate.
  • Spot & Tango meals come vacuum-sealed and pre-portioned: Spot & Tango takes the guesswork out of serving your dog an appropriately sized meal with pre-portioned containers. Simply remove a single pack, and it’s time to eat! Packs are vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness, and there’s no plastic tupperware waste, like with Pet Plate

How to get started with your preferred brand

Once you’ve decided which of these brands you’ll go with, simply head to that brand’s website and take the quiz. You’ll enter your dog’s weight, breed, age, and other characteristics. Then, your chosen brand can build you a custom meal plan perfect for your pup. In a matter of days, fresh dog food will appear at your doorstep, and your dog might just love the high-quality, nutritious, tasty food you’ve introduced to his or her life!

Quick Guide: Spot & Tango vs. Pet Plate

Spot & TangoPet Plate
Meat protein percentage50%30% – 40%
Includes organ meat?NoYes
Other ingredients
Fruits, vegetables, egg, quinoa, millet, brown rice

Fruits, vegetables, salmon oil
Potato fillers used?NoYes
Available recipesBeef, turkey, lambBeef, chicken, turkey, lamb
Cooking processIndividually cooked ingredientsKettle-cooked
Happy pup guarantee?Yes, on trial ordersNo
First-order discount50%25%
PackagingPre-portioned bagsPlastic Tupperware containers
AAFCO approved?YesYes
USDA certified?YesYes
Vet approved and nutritionist-developed?YesYes
CostStarts at ~$2/dayStarts at ~$2/day
Free delivery?YesYes
Can be mixed with current food?Yes, with topper planYes, with topper plan
Environmentally-friendly shipping?YesYes
Company ownership Family-ownedVenture capital-owned

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