Four Ways to Welcome the Start of Spring

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Although this spring is beginning with some limits on public gatherings due to the spread of the coronavirus, there are still many ways you can welcome the start of spring. And with warmer temperatures on the horizon, days continuing to include more sunlight, and animals starting to emerge from hibernation, there’s plenty to celebrate with this seasonal shift! Here are four ways to welcome the start of spring no matter where you are.

1. Visit an odd landmark near you

International travel and large public gatherings may be temporarily restricted due to coronavirus, but you likely still have plenty of odd outdoor landmarks you can visit in your area as the sun stays out for longer and the days get warmer. Seattle provides a great example: There, public gatherings of more than 250 people are banned, but you can still easily get a small group together to visit the city’s Market Theater Gum Wall. Just don’t touch the gum or put your own gum on the wall – you wouldn’t do that during non-pandemic times, and you certainly shouldn’t now.

2. Redecorate your home

With more light shining into your home for more hours as spring starts, the first day of spring is a great time to get your redecorating plan into place. You can make DIY decorations or furniture to get your crafty side going and occupy time that you might be spending at home self-quarantining, or you can get some spring-colored paint and give your succulent pots a second life. If you decide to go the full mile and paint your interior walls, just make sure that your lease allows you to do so – spring may be a nice season, but avoiding trouble with your landlord is even nicer!

3. Get started on spring cleaning

You’ve likely noticed that many public spaces – restaurants, bars, public transit vehicles – have sent out newsletters detailing the cleaning improvements they’re taking to limit the potential spread of coronavirus. Use these methods as inspiration for your own spring cleaning plan, which you can begin piecing together now that it’s officially the start of spring. For example, if you learn that your regional transit authority is increasing its use of disinfecting wipes, take the initiative to wipe down your house too. And if you find that your local supermarkets and drug stores are low on cleaning supplies given the pandemic, use these spring cleaning hacks to turn your household items into top-notch cleaning tools.

4. Plant a garden or grow plants indoors

In some parts of the world, coronavirus has accelerated so rapidly that entire countries are on lockdown. If you’re worried about going out in public (as in, to the supermarket) given the state of affairs, the start of spring is ideal for planting a garden in your backyard – after all, March is an exceptional month to start a vegetable garden. If you don’t have the space for an outdoor garden, there’s always the option of growing plants in your home using an indoor water garden or buying houseplants that can survive all manner of light and temperature conditions.

How do you plan to celebrate the start of spring? Share your plans in the comments!

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