Why Nugenix Is The Most Effective Way To Beat That 40s Slowdown

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I used to think celebrating your entry into your 20s, 30s, and other decades was meaningless. After all, does that much really change when you enter a new decade of life? 

Then I turned 40. 

During the first two years of my 40s, I found myself tired more often than ever before, plus my usual gym routine just wasn’t meeting my standards like it once did. However, since I have a full-time job and two kids in elementary school, I didn’t have much time for significant lifestyle changes. That’s why I tried a bunch of men’s fitness formulas to revive my former self, but the ones within my initial price range changed nothing.

I realized I’d have to spend a bit more for quality and results, and that’s why I looked into Nugenix. I figured since it was GNC’s 2017 Product of the Year, it would be worth the spend. That would prove to be an understatement! Here’s why Nugenix is the only choice for fighting that 40s slowdown.

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1. Nugenix is carefully formulated

Nugenix has a full-time staff of scientists and health professionals, and that means unmatched quality and consistent servings. There’s no guesswork about nutrients, no cutting corners to keep costs low – this is the real deal. And as my boosted energy levels and better workouts proved, paying a bit more for such carefully formulated supplements is well worth every penny.

2. Physician advises on Nugenix

It’s not just scientists and formulators on Nugenix’s staff. There’s a chief medical advisor, Dr. David Katz, too. Katz and Nugenix’s science team have worked together to include essential vitamins and top-quality men’s health extracts in a formula that’s more effective than anything else I’ve tried.

3. Nugenix does not contain unsafe stimulants and unnecessary fillers

Before I found Nugenix, other brands that I tried at most temporarily elevated my energy levels.  I really didn’t feel different on a day-to-day basis – I’d just get a quick boost and then, boom, tired old me again. When I was first learning about Nugenix, I learned that my previous brands’ short energy bursts were due to stimulants plus they were packed with unnecessary fillers. Nugenix’s ingredients instead optimize my body’s production of ATP, the molecule that fuels all our cells and daily lives.

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4. This supplement is backed by research

It’s no small feat that Nugenix targets ATP production. All Nugenix ingredients are chosen for their effects based on scientifically sound, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies that medical experts oversee. That’s how Nugenix decided to couple basic B vitamins and zinc with ElevATP® (the “Sports Nutrition Ingredient of 2018”), the natural testosterone booster Testofen®, Eurycoma longifolia extract for performance, and boron for micronutrient balance.

5. The customer satisfaction is incredible

It’s not just me who loves Nugenix: other 40-somethings like me rave about it. Men around my age said that, with Nugenix, they needed just weeks to regain their former energy and strength levels. Their experiences parallel mine: My workouts don’t burn me out, and I’m appropriately alert when I need to be. Plus, my kids tell me I’m way more fun to be around these days since I’m no longer groggy all the time!

6. Nugenix has great customer service 

The Nugenix reviews I read also showed that I could count on it whenever I needed it. That’s because its staff runs a hotline I can easily contact for all my customer service needs, whether that means updating my Nugenix subscription or changing my billing information. 

7. You can try it out first

With Nugenix, the product itself is the calling card, but it certainly didn’t hurt that I got a 14-day trial when I first started. Then I started to see results that other brands just weren’t giving me!. Even before you start your trial, you can claim a sample – just head to Nugenix’s website to start the journey toward reviving your most invigorated, fit self!

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