This Coat Is As Warm As Canada Goose at a Fraction of the Cost

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Harper is offering PeopleHype readers an exclusive discount! Head to Harper’s website and use code INEEDIT25 when you order the Uptown Puffer and get 25% off!

I’ve loved living and working in Manhattan for years, but I’d be lying if I said the pandemic hadn’t changed my habits. Instead of hopping between meetings and spin class and late dinners during this already brutal winter, I’m swapping the studio for walks in the park and happy hours in a crowded bar for outdoor dinners in freezing temps. It sounds kind of idyllic…until I remember that I’m going to be freezing the whole time. I blame it on my jackets: I’ve never quite found a coat that both looks good and keeps me warm. Like everyone else I knew, I tried a cheap, overly shiny, super high-tech puffy jacket but it was too light (and not at all cute). Worst of all, I wasn’t even warm and I couldn’t stop worrying about how ridiculous I looked. I swapped that puffy number for a sleek wool peacoat-plus-liner situation, but even multiple layers didn’t do a thing to ward off the chill without several factory-grade heaters.

For a while, my co-workers were pushing me to try out a Canada Goose jacket. Well-made and warm of course, these coats looked like they’d do the trick, but when I saw the $1,150 price tag for a thigh-length puffer, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I wouldn’t spend that in the best of times, and certainly not during an economic downturn. There had to be something effective but not so expensive…spending time outside this winter was going to be my only way to safely see a few friends and family members, so I HAD to find something that worked. 

While reading jacket reviews online, I stumbled upon Today’s list of 28 best holiday gifts and Uptown Magazine’s Editor’s Pick for best puffer coats, which lead me to Harper Coats cruelty-free outerwear brand. After browsing their website, the Uptown Puffer caught my eye. The initial launch from the same brand that brought us cult favorite Andie Swim, Harper Coats similarly offered three initial styles, claiming to be the same quality as a Canada Goose jacket at a fraction of the cost (and not to mention, completely cruelty-free) because they cut out the middleman that marks up all those high-quality materials at a premium price. They used the same factories and suppliers as those premium brands, without that little label stitched on the inside, so consumers like me could save hundreds of dollars off the retail price.

Below the waterproof and windproof shell, which was sewn in a flattering chevron pattern, was a layer of cruelty-free and sustainable fill in place of the traditional (and harmful to animals) goose/duck down. It was light enough to be comfortable to wear and designed in a timeless silhouette with a gorgeous shawl collar/cocoon hood combo, aka not that hated Michelin Man look. The ribbed storm cuffs and fleece-lined pockets were great details; machine-washable (skipping those dry cleaning bills!) sealed the deal. 

Sure, it’s a bit more than I would normally spend, but it was worth the investment to keep me warm and dry all winter long, especially this year (this coat will be the most visible part of my outfits now). I was aiming for a years-long purchase, too, plus they have free shipping and returns so either I loved it or my money back. Seeing no reason not to take it for a spin, I placed my order and waited to try it out.

inside of harper coat

The Uptown Puffer arrived on a cold, windy, and rainy day — the perfect opportunity to try it out. The first thing I noticed when I put it on was how light and sleek this coat was, despite feeling like I was being hugged by a down comforter. But it wasn’t just warm, it was actually flattering. The princess cut and chevron seams made me feel feminine and not like I was wearing a weighted blanket. The shawl collar framed my face and protected my neck (also my Airpods weren’t constantly falling out when the hood was up). Strange detail, but I noticed I didn’t even leave a makeup mark on the inner lining. I adjusted the zipper a few different ways and was shocked that this jacket supported a shape that wasn’t just, well, round. I didn’t look puffy from any angle, but felt warm and not weighed-down nonetheless. I texted my quarantine pod-mate and made a plan to meet up for drinks outside. Not to bury the lead…but drinks turned into a (much needed) three-hour catch up on a cold and windy Saturday in December and I was toasty-warm the whole time.

With a coat this high-end and thoughtfully prepared, I felt ready to take on not just winter 2020 and all the outdoor activities we’d be doing outside this year, but going forward, everything from gym commutes to meetings with editors to date nights and dinners with friends, all while looking fashionable and staying warm. In the following days, the Uptown Puffer proved its worth so well that I almost forgot how difficult I found previous winters. Dare I say…I started to love winter! Of course, I didn’t need to take advantage of that free return policy. There’s no way I was wearing any jacket but the Uptown Puffer again (well except maybe to try their Brunch Puffer when I’m looking for a bit edgier look). These coats are so eye-catching, comfortable, and all-around warm that I can confidently go anywhere in it. I’ve found the winter jacket I’ll wear for years to come, and it’s all thanks to Harper’s superior construction and keen eye for fashion.

If you’re seeking the best coats for the worst weather (that’s good for your warmth, wardrobe, and your wallet), Harper is offering PeopleHype readers an exclusive discount! Head to Harper’s website and use the code INEEDIT25 when you order the Uptown Puffer to get 25% Off. At the non-sale price, especially when compared to coats of this caliber, the Uptown is a steal – and with this discount, you can rock Harper’s unparalleled coat for an even better deal.

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