Five New Netflix and Hulu Arrivals to Watch This Thanksgiving

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This year, many Americans are having smaller Thanksgiving dinners and celebrate the holiday virtually. All this extra time at home alone might lead some people to boredom, or at least the urge to just veg out and watch tons of TV. Good news on that front — these five new Netflix and Hulu arrivals are perfect for your Thanksgiving break.

1. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Available now on Netflix

The whimsical, fantasy Christmas musical Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey hit Netflix on November 13. The film tells the story of renowned toymaker Jeronicus Jangle (Forest Whitaker), who gets one of his creations stolen by his apprentice, Gustafson (Keegan-Michael Key). To retrieve Jangle’s belongings, his granddaughter Journey (Madalen Mills) goes on an exciting Christmas quest. Other notable actors in Jingle Jangle include Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose, Ricky Martin, and Hugh Bonneville.

2. Alien Xmas

Available now on Netflix

The animated, stop-motion Netflix original film Alien Xmas, which was released on November 20, tells the story of a group of extraterrestrials who plan to steal the Earth’s gravity during Christmas. However, a small alien named X, voiced by beloved voice actor Dee Bradley Baker, learns that Christmas is supposed to be a time for friends and family to gather together. After learning about how people celebrate the holiday, X chooses to save the world instead of stealing its gravity..

3. Happiest Season

Available now on Hulu

Happiest Season, a holiday romantic comedy, is a brand new Hulu arrival in which Abby (Kristen Stewart) hopes to propose to her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) during Harper’s Christmas family dinner. However, her plans are thwarted when she learns that Harper’s dysfunctional family does not know that she is lesbian. Happiest Season also stars an impressive cast that includes Mary Steenburgen and Victor Garber as Abby’s parents, Alison Brie as Abby’s sister, and Dan Levy and Aubrey Plaza as Abby’s friends.

4. Run

Available now on Hulu

Even though October is over and Thanksgiving is here, it’s not too late for horror and suspense thrillers. Enter Run, a Hulu original film released on November 20. In this movie, Diane (Sarah Paulson) plays the sinister mother of Chloe (Kiera Allen). Chloe was raised in total isolation and has multiple debilitating disabilities that make her dependent on her mother. Needlessly to say, this isn’t quite a Thanksgiving family movie, but for a holiday alone, it’s a perfect nail-biter.

5. Black Narcissus

Available now on Hulu

For another psychological thriller option, try Black Narcissus, a three-part miniseries that’s an adaptation of Rumer Godden’s 1939 novel and its 1947 film adaptation. Black Narcissus is about a nun named Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton) who receives a tall order from her superior Mother Dorothea (the late Diana Rigg). Mother Dorothea instructs Sister Clodagh to lead her fellow sisters and open a convent school in the Himalayas. 

The four-hour-long series depicts nuns struggling with the supernatural and their faith, mental health, and repression. Perhaps you shouldn’t watch this one while eating your Thanksgiving dinner, but you may find Black Narcissus to be an intriguing movie after the feast.

What Netflix and Hulu arrivals are you most excited about this month? Sound off in the comments!

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