Tap Into Your Youth and Revive Your Former Self

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Some Straight Talk for Men Over 40 … About Stamina, Energy, Vitality, and Strong Overall Health

There’s been a big change in men’s health in the last 10 years. 

Right now, men over 40 are taking this surprising step to rediscover their youthful vitality.

The challenge is that as a man gets older, he loses energy, muscle mass, vitality and endurance. It becomes a struggle to keep up with what he once was.

The reason is that the body reduces the production of certain hormones with age. It’s natural.

But if the body can restore these hormones, a man could theoretically regain youthful vitality.

For a man, the most important hormone is testosterone.

Levels of the more-important free-testosteronedecline with age. 

It doesn’t happen overnight. This decline is slow and steady.

After a man turns 40, natural testosterone production declines by a percent or more each and every year. So by the time a man is 50, he may have lost a significant percentage of his manhood.

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Declining testosterone levels can lead to a subtle yet gradual reduction in muscle and strength.

This decline can lead to a variety of problems for men including decreased vitality, performance, lack of energy, and mediocre results from workouts. 

Even worse, this decline in free-testosterone can negatively impact overall health and even relationships.

The male bloodstream contains two types of testosterone: “bonded testosterone” and “free-testosterone”.

Bonded testosterone is not much of a factor in helping a man.

However, free-testosterone enters the cells more easily and plays a vital role in strength, energy, stamina, and vitality.

In short, it’s the free-testosterone that helps “a man be a man.”

Helping Men Over 40 Enjoy Their Lives Even More

Improving levels of free-testosterone can have a significant and positive impact for men over 40.

The benefits include improved stamina and overall performance

Men with higher free-testosterone levels get more from their workouts. 

They can gain more energy and stamina and even maintain strong overall health. These men tend to enjoy their work and exercise more. Improvements in free-testosterone can even help with relationships.

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How to Improve Free-Testosterone Levels

Some men opt for artificial approaches to boosting their free-testosterone. These methods can have unwanted side effects and the results can be inconsistent. Plus these approaches can be expensive.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that helps men build their levels of free-testosterone. It’s a dietary supplement from a team of nutritional researchers based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

It’s called Nugenix Total-T and it’s helping hundreds of thousands of men regain and maintain their stamina, energy, and drive.

Several key ingredients help the body boost free-testosterone. Also known as Free-T. One key ingredient, made from the hard-to-find Fenugreek plant, is Testofen®. Testofen® is is shown in clinical research to increase natural testosterone production.

Another important ingredient is ElevATP®, which matches the effectiveness of Testofen® and was awarded the “Sports Nutrition Ingredient Of 2018.” Backed by five clinical studies, it can help men over 40 produce more cellular ATP (your body’s cellular fuel) for additional strength, power, and performance.

Nugenix has been a 7-time award winner in GNC stores

For now, the company that developed Nugenix Total-T is providing two-week trials to men who want to test the effectiveness of Nugenix Total-T.

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