ISSA’s Strength & Conditioning Course Means Fitness Jobs – Get Your Free Evaluation Kit Now

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Do you love being active and helping people reach their full potential? Are you competitive and love how top athletes perform the way they do? Are you looking for a more meaningful career? If so, there’s never been an easier way to make a change and do what you love than with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

And there’s never been a better time – right now, ISSA is offering a free evaluation kit! Sign up today for ISSA’s Strength & Conditioning Certification Program and you could be certified in as little as eight weeks, or go at your own pace to soak it all in. Just click the red button below to get started.

Frequently asked questions about ISSA

What do you learn with ISSA?

A ton! With ISSA’s Strength & Conditioning Certification Program, you’ll learn how to develop top performing and recreational athletes alike. It’s the science and application behind elite sports performance.

How do I take ISSA courses?

Right from home! ISSA’s Strength & Conditioning Certification Program is entirely online. You can easily complete it in eight weeks, and you’ll get dozens of practice quizzes before your final exam. When exam time comes, your test will be untimed and open-book. 

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What do ISSA courses include?

When you sign up for ISSA’s Strength & Conditioning Certification Program, you’ll get plenty of helpful online resources. You’ll even get access to hundreds of exercises and assessments relevant in most major sports.

What do people say about ISSA?

ISSA program graduates love it! Thousands of TrustPilot reviewers of all backgrounds have praised ISSA’s courses and student support. Most reviews mention ISSA’s excellent customer service, thorough instructional feedback, and the reviewers’ personal success stories. Here’s one recent graduate who shared his experience with us:

“The ISSA Strength & Conditioning Certification provided me with a profound knowledge about working with athletes. I have worked as a personal trainer for more than 8 years now, have 2 academic degrees, and was still able to gain a lot more insights through this certification. I will now focus more on working with athletes and providing them with a fitting workout regime.”
~Dominik D., ISSA Alumni

How do I get my free evaluation kit?

It’s easy! Just click the red button below to get your free evaluation kit. After that, you’re a step closer to an active career that will change not just your life, but plenty of other lives, too!

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