The Five Best Classic Animated Movies on Disney+

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Although Disney’s streaming service Disney+ launched less than two years ago, millions of people have already taken to the service to watch their favorite Disney shows and movies. Disney+ includes virtually every Disney animated movie to ever exist, and that’s a massive and perhaps overwhelming catalog. To make your next movie night easier to plan, here are the five best classic animated movies on Disney+.

1. The Incredibles

Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment approximately 12 years ago. Thus, Disney+ is home to a plethora of big-budget superhero movies. The 2004 Pixar film The Incredibles, written and directed by Brad Bird, is a different kind of superhero story. The movie is set in a world where superpowers are outlawed. However, one family of superheroes strives to prove that it can be good to have superpowers. 

Fans and critics alike love this quirky action-comedy movie featuring peculiar characters in a unique world. Its sequel, The Incredibles 2, is also available to watch on Disney+.

2. Ratatouille

The 2007 movie Ratatouille was also written and directed by Bird three years after The Incredibles. The movie is about a rat named Remy who aspires to become a chef making human food in a restaurant. He becomes friends with a busboy in a restaurant in Paris and tries to help him create delicious meals. 

This quirky movie strays off the beaten path for many Disney movies, as it mostly lacks fast-paced, evil-fighting action. However, it’s a heartwarming family comedy that you can enjoy alone too if you love watching feel-good cooking movies.

3. Mulan

Mulan, released in 1998, is a fan favorite of many who love ‘90s Disney movies. Mulan is about the titular character, who was raised and primed to be a wife to potential suitors. However, Mulan does not want to follow this path. Additionally, her ill father was drafted in the ensuing war in China. Ultimately, she decides to make a tough decision with her identity and life. 

In the movie, Mulan makes new friends, becomes stronger, and risks her life for the sake of her country. Even when she’s too occupied to find love, she finds someone she’s interested in and must find a way to figure out how to navigate a possible relationship amidst her adventures.

4. Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. showed another side of bedroom monsters. This Pixar movie released in 2001 was popular amongst kids instead of scaring them. That said, in the movie, monsters need to scare children for energy, as kids’ screams fuel the Monsters’ extra-dimensional world. 

Things change when one little girl, Boo, accidentally stumbles into the Monsters’ world. It’s up to two Monster scarers, Mike and Sulley, to make things right while dealing with a more nefarious scarer. Monsters Inc. is a fun movie to watch that takes the horror out of scary monsters, and its sequel, Monsters University, is also available on Disney+.

5. Inside Out 

The 2015 Pixar movie Inside Out is a charming adventure-comedy movie that teaches acceptance. The movie follows the internal explorations of a young girl named Riley and her loved ones. The main characters represent all aspects of Riley’s emotional spectrum: Joy, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, and Anger. All these characters work together to control the inner mechanisms of Riley’s mind and teach an important story.

What are your favorite Disney+ animated movies? Sound off in the comments!

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