Shocked And Devastated That Just Using Baby Powder Can Give You Cancer!

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This is a story that could happen to women anywhere. For many years, females have reached for their favorite baby powder whenever they needed to combat chafing or sweat. If only they had known then what we know now: talcum powder, which is Johnson & Johnson’s popular baby powder, can lead to ovarian cancer, which sadly women can be diagnosed with at an early age.

It was discovered, shockingly, that asbestos found in talcum-powder mines was contaminating baby powder and linked to causing a rare cancer called mesothelioma. Baby powder sounds so innocent. How could deadly asbestos fibers get into “baby” powder? Knowing that talcum powder is a carcinogen that could cause cancer – and that it is in regular everyday beauty products – is so upsetting and wrong. Johnson & Johnson needs to be held accountable for putting carcinogens in baby powder. The problem is, how can they be held accountable when it’s so expensive to deal with cancer treatment?

Jim Adler is your answer. He’s a Texas-based lawyer, known as the Texas Hammer, who handles personal injury cases in Texas and works with lawyers across the United States – on cases including talcum powder causing ovarian and fallopian tube cancer – without charging anything until you win a settlement. Jim fights the hardest to get you the justice you deserve. People love that he doesn’t earn any money until you win your settlement. Way more importantly, he cares about you, your case, your family, your friends, your coworkers, and your neighbors.

Jim Adler Associates

When you contact Jim, he and his team express genuine condolences for your experience, which is really reassuring – lawyers can seem pretty intimidating and all business. He then asks if you feel comfortable walking him through your history of baby powder use and the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. If you feel comfortable recalling your experience in the name of justice, he will ask you some basic questions to make sure you could realistically win your case.

The first question will be: Have you been diagnosed after 2000? Jim will ask if you have used baby powder and for how many years. Jim then double-checks that you were using talc-based powder, and not safe cornstarch powder.

Lastly, Jim will get to know your medical history – sometimes, medical and pharmaceutical companies can use that against plaintiffs to walk away scot-free. He wants to know if you were predisposed to ovarian cancer, and if you don’t have the BRCA 1 or 2 genes that can predispose someone to ovarian cancer, you are in the clear. If you are of age, your case could be brought to court.

Ultimately, Jim will take on cases and secure hefty settlements in court, way more than you might expect. Jim has helped win cases awarding women and their families substantial financial compensation. Although this money will not erase a battle with cancer or the pain endured, it might help you feel that justice has been served. Jim’s share of the settlement – again, he charges nothing at all before that – still leaves you with plenty, so clearly, he’s in this to help people and provide quality service to humanity.

Sadly, women everywhere are discovering that they are not alone in this fight. They are learning that they are not the only women whose talc-based baby powder use has given them ovarian cancer. If you are going through this too, Jim can help get you justice no matter where you’re based. Click here to contact Jim Adler for your free case review.

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