Seven Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is around the corner – this year, it’s on Sunday, May 9. If you’re wondering how to celebrate the occasion, fret not – there are many different ways to show Mom all your love. Below, find seven exciting ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

1. Paint night

If you want to be creative with your mother, have a paint night on Mother’s Day. If you two need artistic help or inspiration, you can paint while watching a video tutorial. You can also make your Mother’s Day paint night more fun by playing Mom’s favorite music in the background. You can create a playlist and play her favorite songs.

If you’re not near your mom for Mother’s Day, you can also have a virtual paint night. You can set up your video chat and show your canvases to each other. Additionally, before having a Mother’s Day paint night, you can send your mother the heartwarming gift of an all-in-one paint kit to make the occasion extra fun.

2. Bake together

You and Mom can bond simply and sweetly (literally and figuratively) by baking together on Mother’s Day. Try something especially sugary like doughnuts or chocolate cake to match the occasion’s sweet sentiments. If you can’t be with Mom this holiday, you can have a fun time baking virtually via a video call.

3. Take her shopping

You can’t go wrong by taking your mother to her favorite store and going shopping with her on Mother’s Day. If you don’t know what to give her as a present, a shopping spree where she can choose what she likes for her special day makes a great substitute.

4. Breakfast in bed

Make your mom breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. After Mom has gotten a good night’s rest, she’ll love waking up to her favorite breakfast food. If you’re not a great cook, your mother might still appreciate a meal as simple as scrambled eggs or pancakes to start her morning right. If your mother prefers to eat healthy, you can pair a nutritious breakfast meal alongside a small cup of a delicious protein smoothie.

5. Watch a mother-daughter movie

For a relaxing Mother’s Day night, you and Mom can watch an enjoyable mother-daughter movie. There are many relatable mother-daughter movies you can choose from that are heart-warming, funny, or inspiring.

6. Mother-daughter book club

If you and your mother are avid book readers, you can host a mother-daughter book club get-together on Mother’s Day. If you two both recently read the same book, you can use your little book club to eat together, drink tea, and discuss what you’ve read. If you two haven’t read the same book, buy your mother a book that she might like, and then you two can read a few pages or the first chapter together.

7. Go a virtual tour or event

If you want to visit a special location or attend a fun event, you can do so with Mom without leaving home. You two can share a virtual tour of a museum or even a garden. You can also go to a virtual concert or attend a class for flower arranging. Although neither of you will be leaving the house, you both can have plenty of fun going on virtual tours and events from home for Mother’s Day.

How are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day? Sound off in the comments!

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