Nine Fun Mother’s Day Ideas You Can Start Planning Now

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This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, and as ever, it’s a great day to show your appreciation for your mother. Gifts are one way to show your mom how much you love her, but a whole day together is even better. Any of the nine fun Mother’s Day ideas below is a great start.

1. Order a front door decoration

If you live near your mother, you can decorate your mom’s front door together for Mother’s Day. Try decorating with flowers, an elaborate floral arrangement, a wreath, or streamers! If you don’t live nearby, you can order a large decorative floral arrangement from a flower delivery service.

2. Cook together

Cooking with your mom can be a fun and delicious way to bond. With your mother you can cook simple recipes like grilled cheese sandwiches for a brunch or have a delicious dinner meal such as Carribean mango tilapia. Additionally, if you live far from each other, you can cook together on a virtual call and watch a movie together afterward.

3. Send your mom a delivery

If you can’t cook with your mother or she doesn’t like to cook, deliver her a meal from her favorite restaurant. She’ll surely appreciate a tasty meal on Mother’s Day, and since it’s coming from you, it’ll almost be like you two are sharing the moment together!.

4. Enjoy a springtime walk on the water

For a relaxing outdoor Mother’s Day, take a walk with your mom by a river, lake, or pond. You can both enjoy the springtime weather, get in a tiny bit of exercise, and talk while you spend time together.

5. Coordinate a big virtual event

For Mother’s Day, you can host a big virtual event. Gather a bunch of your mom’s loved ones on a conference call and send her an invitation link. This way, you can gather guests from all over the country or even the world for your Mother’s Day celebration. Bonus points if you make it a total surprise!

6. Book a weekend getaway

You can book a weekend getaway for your mother and potentially join her on it too. You can either go with her or pay for her solo weekend trip, whether in a big city or a woodier space like a national park. If you don’t have enough money to plan a getaway, you can enjoy a staycation or an at-home spa day.

7. Mail your mother a handmade card

Store-bought cards are nice, but homemade cards can be more heartfelt. Include your handmade card alongside any gifts you give your mom, and she will surely appreciate its uniqueness and the effort you made. Alternatively, if you’re not that crafty, there are plenty of free printable Mother’s Day cards online.

8. Make her a playlist

For Mother’s Day, you can make your mom a playlist of all her favorite songs. Just gather all of her favorite tunes on a streaming service and send her the link. If you’re unsure of your mom’s favorite songs, you can make her a relaxing playlist of calming soundscapes that she can listen to when she needs a bit of calm in her life.

9. Have a picnic with her

If you and your mom love the outdoors, plan a picnic together at a park. Get a picnic basket and fill it with both your favorite foods and snacks. You might also want to bring some hand sanitizer and napkins so you can stay clean while touching your food. Additionally, some pillows and a picnic blanket can help you both stay comfortable while enjoying your time together.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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