I Used To Worry About Unexpected Crises. Then, I Found Avibra.

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Life is about expecting the unexpected, but I’m not financially prepared to expect the unexpected. When my smartphone called it quits last year, I was suddenly out hundreds of dollars. If I ever get into a bike accident, I’ll probably still have thousands to pay even with my health insurance, plus the cost to fix my bike. Although supplemental coverage plans help, they’re often hard to find and afford, so I felt like living on the edge of financial devastation was inevitable. That is, until Avibra’s Dollar Benefit Club saved me.

With Avibra’s Dollar Benefit Club, I get access to many supplemental insurance plans for just $1 each per week! I currently have Avibra’s cell phone protection, accidental medical, and life insurance policies, and that’s just $3/week for total protection. This small spend means that if something goes awry out of the blue, I won’t be facing a huge bill. I’m paying just a bit now to save a lot later.

Wth the Avibra app, I was able to earn $10,000 in insurance coverage, so I had a huge safety net from the get-go. Avibra let me continuously expand my coverage through healthy activities so I earned $50 per week in coverage for writing an entry in a gratitude journal, taking a wellbeing quiz, watching an inspirational story, and more. By just living life, I insure my future!

Avibra also improves my wellbeing through their 24/7, unlimited tele-health sessions for just $1 per week and no copays! Through Avibra’s app, I have access to a network of accomplished doctors in tele-medicine, tele-therapy and critical illness. 

The Avibra app also protects me with advice and alerts by connecting my smartwatch to trace my activities and identify my good and bad habits. This information also enables Avibra to send me safety alerts about my home, city, and travels. Avibra has these features because as I prioritize my safety, events that fall under Avibra’s coverage become less likely. That’s two layers of protection – my physical safety today, my financial safety forever. 

Avibra believes that learning makes you healthier, so it offers all kinds of science-backed wellness content. What I learn from this content informs my daily actions to increase my coverage. And Avibra looks beyond just me – its learning modules include Social Impact cards that help me understand how I can combat racism, sexuality and gender discrimination, housing insecurity, and so much more.

If you too want to cast a wide safety net around yourself all while growing and improving, it’s never too soon to join Avibra’s Dollar Benefit Club! Sign up here – it takes just minutes. Then, download the Avibra app and start your journey toward a healthier, more financially secure you.

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