8 Unusual Cheeses to Enjoy on National Cheese Day

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If you haven’t heard of interesting holidays like National Sandwich Day and National Tater Tot Day, here’s another surprise for you: Today is National Cheese Day. Chances are that you might know about many different types of cheeses, but you probably still don’t know about several less popular (but just as delicious) cheeses. Today’s the perfect day to discover them, so below, learn about eight unusual cheeses to enjoy on National Cheese Day. 

1. Gjetost

Gjetost, pronounced as “yay-toast,” is a Norwegian cheese made from cow milk and goat milk. Oddly, Gjetost looks like chocolate, but it is a sugary cheese that tastes similar to caramel fudge. Usually, people eat Gjetost on toast for breakfast with a cup of coffee.

2. Comté

If you want to try some unique French cheese, give Comté a go. This cheese is firm and tastes slightly sweet. It’s made from unpasteurized cow milk, and people love its nutty yet fruity taste. If you’re interested in trying Comté, you might want to add some to a salad or a delicious gratin recipe.

3. Gruyère

When you’re in the mood for a rich and salty cheese, Gruyère may be the best option for your taste buds. It’s a popular Swiss cheese from the town Gruyères. It’s made from cow milk that’s been aged for at least six months. Gruyère is used in fondues, quiches, and gratins.

4. Lancashire

If you want a buttery-tasting cheese, you can’t go wrong with the English Lancashire cheese. It’s supremely crumbly, so people often use it on toast. Pro tip: Lancashire that has been aged for approximately five months or less is called Creamy Lancashire. If it’s been aged for longer, it’s called tasty Lancashire.

5. Gorgonzola

Some cheese lovers like their cheese strong with a punch, and Gorgonzola offers exactly that. This Italian cheese is made from cow milk and comes in two main varieties: Dolce and Piccante. Dolce Gorgonzola has been aged for less than three months, whereas Piccante Gorgonzola has been aged for six to twelve months. You can have Gorgonzola with bread, nuts, fruits, or by itself.

6. La Tur

Another delicious and uncommon Italian cheese is La Tur cheese. It’s made from pasteurized cow milk, goat milk, and sheep milk, and it’s then aged for 10 days. The outside of it is cakey, but the inside is rich and soft. You can add La Tur cheese to some Italian recipes or serve it fresh on a cheeseboard.

7. Halloumi 

If you want to grill some cheese on your grill, Halloumi is a good choice. Halloumi is a soft cheese made from goat milk and sheep milk. Many people love its salty taste as a side to some meat recipes such as shish kabobs.

8. Burrata

Mozzarella lovers should get their forks ready for burrata cheese. It’s a soft cheese made from cow’s milk. You can tear burrata to pieces and add it to salads or pasta dishes.

Which of these unusual cheeses sounds best to you? Sound off in the comments!

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