How to Find a New Job in 2022

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During the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that many people were laid off or put on extended furlough, which threw the job market for a loop. Things seem to be rebounding now, so whether you’re looking to get back into the workforce or just looking to leave your current job, now is an employee’s market for sure. Read on below to learn how to find a new job in 2022.

Narrow your search

When trying to find a new job, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Narrowing your search will keep you from having to sift through hundreds of potential jobs to find one that will work for you. Make a list of what type of job you’re looking for, where you’re hoping to work, and what kind of pay you’re hoping for. You can use these criteria to make your search easier and sort out your options later in the process.

Take an online course

In this day and age, there are enough affordable resources online for you to learn how to do virtually any job you could want. Online learning platforms have made it easy to learn and become certified in anything from computer science to interior design. Consider signing up for one of these classes or even following a free YouTube tutorial to learn applicable skills that’ll help you perform well in a new job.

Use job search platforms

Job search platforms are a free tool that can make it easy to see which positions are available near you. Gone are the days of going business to business to see who’s hiring, as a simple internet search for “jobs near me” will often yield hundreds of results. Many of these platforms will let you make an account including your credentials, resume, and what you look for in a job, and they’ll then notify you of any new openings that you might be interested in.

Network in-person and online

It’s possible to get jobs by just looking through different openings and applying for a bunch of them, but you can make the whole process easier by networking with people who can connect you with job opportunities. Reach out to any friends and family members who work in the field you’re interested in and see if they can get you in touch with a recruiter or hiring manager. Additionally, you can use LinkedIn or a professional account on other social media platforms to reach out and connect with people who might open up opportunities for you.

Perfect your resume and interview skills

When you’ve narrowed down your search, developed applicable skills, and found jobs to apply for, it’s time to work on your resume and get ready for an interview. Your resume should get to the point quickly and explain how you’re a good fit for the job. The same can be said for your interview. Many interviewers and hiring managers will be going through dozens of applications, so it’s important that they can immediately see why you’re a good fit for the job, as many won’t even read your whole resume.

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