5 Unexpected Ways to Use Butter in the Kitchen

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Butter is a staple in nearly every kitchen and is one of the most versatile food items around. There are so many uses for butter that odds are even an experienced chef can learn a few things they didn’t know. Want to know some of the best hacks and unexpected ways to use butter in the kitchen? Keep reading below!

Making delicious spreads

You can easily “spice up” your butter by mixing other things into it to make tasty spreads for toast, pancakes, steak, and pretty much anything else you can think of. To do so, chop your butter into chunks and run it through the food processor with your chosen ingredients – you can use cheese, herbs, spices, or even fruit!

Once the butter and other ingredients have been chopped up, roll the mixture into a log in a piece of plastic wrap and refrigerate it. This is a great trick to experiment with and find something unique that you’ll love.

Cutting foods that stick to the knife

Butter is a great tool when you’re cutting foods that tend to stick to the knife, such as marshmallows, sticky fruits, and some vegetables. Just rub a stick of butter along the edge of your knife and it’ll slide right through anything you need to cut without leaving pieces of food stuck to the blade.

Basting meat 

Everyone loves a nice buttery flavor, and it can be a great addition to meat dishes like chicken, smoked sausages, or steak. Butter does burn and smoke easily, however, so you can’t put it on your meat early in the cooking process. Wait until the meat is nearly done, and then spread some melted butter on it with a basting brush.

This truck works great with the butter spreads mentioned earlier and can add some unique flavors to your next backyard bash that’ll have your guests wanting to come back for more every time.

Make clarified butter

As stated earlier, butter burns and smokes very easily, but what if you want something to have that buttery flavor without burning it? To do this, you can make ghee, an Indian clarified butter with the milk solids removed for a purer butter that can be cooked for longer without smoking.

Ghee can be used in place of butter in most recipes and is an especially great substitute in recipes where you’re cooking at high heat for an extended period of time. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making some traditional Indian or Middle Eastern food with it!

Keep cheese from molding

A final surprising use for butter is to keep hard and semi-hard cheeses such as parmesan, cheddar, or gouda from molding. You can coat the cut edge of these cheeses with butter using a knife or basting brush every time you use them and put them back in your refrigerator. To further delay the molding process, be sure to wrap the cheese tightly with plastic wrap when storing it.

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