I’m in My 40s and I’m Changing My Health for the Better. Here’s How.

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Although I’m a few years into my 40s, last year, you would still find me regularly working with a trainer, swimming laps, taking dance lessons, or constantly on the move during my 12-hour nursing shift. But despite it all, I was still struggling to lose weight, and that was a problem: My family has a history of type 2 diabetes, and I was prediabetic. I tried everything from highly-restrictive zero sugar diets, to low carb diets to juice cleanses, but nothing seemed to help lower my blood glucose. I was fed up with yo-yo dieting and felt utterly lost. That is until my co-worker introduced me to NutriSense

With NutriSense, I get a continuous glucose monitor that works in real-time, all the time. Instead of waiting a few months to see my blood sugar spikes, I can check my monitor whenever, wherever to help determine what’s causing my spikes. And I don’t have to do it alone: NutriSense pairs me with a registered dietitian.

Sheila, my dietitian, has helped me make sense of my numbers and create a new, more effective workout routine and diet plan. But that’s not all. She looked further into my glucose readings and discovered the times when I’m the most stressed or exhausted. With this data, she and I discussed some possible steps I could take to sleep better, such as reading or doing some light yoga before bed instead of snacking.

If this all sounds like a lot, well, NutriSense made it easy. Sheila helped me create a personalized plan that encouraged me to make small actionable steps and behavioral changes for a gradual shift, which over time led to huge improvements in my health. She was there to help if I had a question or my glucose levels showed that I needed to make some changes. Whenever I hit a new milestone, she was the first person to congratulate me and encourage me to keep going every step of the way. 

You might be wondering if I ever broke my new diet and exercise plan because, yes, most people do fall into that trap. But after more than a year with NutriSense, I’m living a healthier lifestyle that is not restricted to intense rules and specific diets. NutriSense helped me discover the freedom in food choices best suited to my needs. Shelia’s plan fit my life so well that it genuinely didn’t feel like I was changing much of my everyday routine. I could keep my life roughly the same and be healthier than ever as I’m getting older. And I still feel that way.

I fully credit NutriSense with the fact that I’m no longer prediabetic and have gotten back to my mid-20s weight and feel like I’m in my 20s again! If you’re ready to change your health for the better, for good, NutriSense is what you need. To get started, just answer a few short questions, await your CGM monitor in the mail, and then set it up. It’s that easy – and your plan will be too! Sign up now to kickstart your health journey. Once you do, you’ll be questioning why you waited this long. 

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