Everything We Know So Far About Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’

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Jordan Peele’s highly anticipated third horror movie, Nope, is being released next month, and it looks like it has the potential to be his biggest success yet. Want to know more about the cast, plot, and release date of the new movie? Read on below to learn everything we know so far about what critics think could be Jordan Peele’s Signs.

Wait, Jordan Peele makes horror movies?

If you aren’t a horror movie buff and you only know Peele from his comedy with Keegan-Michael Key, news of this movie might be surprising. However, Peele has already established himself as a brilliant horror director with his first two movies, Get Out and Us.

The premise

Nope follows brother and sister OJ and Emerald Haywood as they try to take a video of a UFO following the death of their father from random objects falling from the sky. The siblings team up with a tech salesman and a documentary maker to try to discover the source of the strange events.

Peele has intentionally kept the plot of the movie under wraps, just like he did with his two previous movies. The tone and content of the trailers and other marketing materials so far have left many people feeling like Nope will be much deeper than the generic alien horror movie it seems to be from the surface.


The new film will feature Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun in lead roles, as well as a large supporting cast including Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, and Wren Schmitt. If you’ve been a fan of Peele’s previous work, Kaluuya might be familiar to you, as he also starred in Peele’s first film, Get Out. Kaluuya was highly praised for his acting in that film, so hopefully, this one will be just as impressive.

Promotional material

While much of the marketing about Nope seems to be hiding the real plot of the story, there are some clues in the promotional material that’s been released so far. There have been two teaser posters released, the first showing a mysterious cloud looming over what appears to be a town, and the second showing a horse and a variety of random objects suspended in the air underneath a similar cloud.

The two trailers don’t show much more than we know about the basic plot. The main characters own a ranch in Hollywood and begin to experience strange events including ominous storms and objects falling from the sky, so they work together to get a video of the events in the sky to understand what’s happening.

When and where can you watch it?

The new film is currently scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures exclusively in theaters on July 22. As a Universal Picture production, the movie will likely make its streaming debut on Peacock, but an official streaming release date has not yet been announced. Typically, Universal Picture releases its movies for streaming at least 45 days after the theater release.

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