Holly Clouse Turned Up Alive 40 Years After She Went Missing 

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Some good news last week was the discovery of Holly Clouse, a woman who disappeared as a baby 42 years ago following the murder of her parents. What happened to Holly Clouse’s parents, and where has she been this whole time? Read on below to find out.

What happened to Holly’s parents?

Holly Clouse was born in Florida in January of 1980 to Harold and Tina Clouse, who shortly thereafter moved to Dallas, Texas. Harold’s mother, Donna Casasanta, stayed in touch with the couple when they initially moved to Texas but said she stopped hearing them in October of the same year.

Casasanta received a call from a woman who identified herself as “Sister Susan,” who told her that the Clouses had joined a religious group and had decided to cut off communication with the outside world and give up all their possessions. Casasanta had previously loaned a car to her son, so Sister Susan offered to meet her at the racetrack in Daytona Beach, Florida to return the car in exchange for money.

In 1981, the bodies of a man and a woman were found in the woods in Houston. The man seemed to have been beaten to death and the woman strangled. The bodies were identified as Harold and Tina Clouse in 2021 thanks to new DNA evidence technology.

What happened to Holly?

So what happened to Holly? Two members of the religious group that the Clouses joined dropped Holly off at a church in Arizona when she was a baby. Holly was adopted and raised by another family and lived out her life, until this point not knowing the truth about her biological parents. Holly is now the mother of five children and is living “alive and well” in Oklahoma.

Holly has now been in contact with her extended biological family, including her grandmother Donna Casasanta, who said, “I prayed for more than 40 years for answers and the Lord has revealed some of it … we have found Holly.” 

What religious group did the Clouses join?

Law enforcement officials and others interested in the case are trying to find more information about the religious group that the Clouses joined. They are hoping to discover whether the group had anything to do with their disappearance. The group traveled around the southwestern United States in the 1980s and were seen in multiple towns barefoot and in robes, asking for food.

According to law enforcement officials, members of the group “indicated the beliefs of their religion included the separation of male and female members, practicing vegetarian habits and not using or wearing leather goods.”

What are law enforcement officials’ next steps?

Overall, very little is known about the whole situation, and law enforcement officials are still looking for answers. They’ve encouraged anyone who has more information about the religious group involved with the Clouses or the situation of the Clouses’ deaths to come forward and help with the case.

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