Do These Things When You’re Alone to Avoid Having Regrets in Life

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There is a big difference between doing something on your own and being lonely. Everyone needs some “me” time once and awhile.  As we grow older, we begin to realize that being comfortable with doing certain things in our lives by ourselves can help us to have no regrets as we get older in life. Check out the list below for some of the best activities to do by yourself!

Eat at a restaurant or a coffee shop.

It might not seem like much but grabbing a cup of coffee by yourself can actually be pretty rewarding. You get to leave whenever you want and eat at your own pace. Not to mention, you get to do people watching.

Call or make your own appointments.

Let’s face it, no one likes making phone calls these days, and we avoid them as much as possible. Being able to master the art of calling someone yourself  — from doctors, dentists – you have grown considerably. It’s a sign that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Stay home on a Saturday night.

Sitting around and spending time by yourself on a Saturday takes a lot of work. For those who are always doing something, trying to do something like this can be dreadfully boring. But, being able to master this means that you’ve opened yourself up to many other possibilities but also faced your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). By staying in on Saturdays, you are opening yourself to various things that can enrich your life.  Use this time to watch documentaries, read a book, or work on projects.

Take a fitness class.

Taking a fitness class on your own is an experience in itself. It’s a whole other perspective than rolling out a yoga mat and watching yoga instructors do poses in a Youtube video. Going to a class on your own and doing exercises with complete strangers puts you in a different setting. You’ll find that these settings will create a new atmosphere that focuses on not only on you, but on fostering a connection with other people.

Make some new friends.

As we get older, friendships come and go. We lose touch with the people we hung around with a lot, or we move away. It happens. But in the end, you can’t be alone forever and so you’ll need to make friends. It’s during these times where you push yourself to reach out and discover some more passions. Look for groups that do things you like, or perhaps find someone at work that  you really like.

Travel or fly alone.

Travelling and flying are an experience, and it can be even more interesting when you are all on your own. The world can seem a lot bigger and full of wonder as well. On top of that, when you master this skill you learn to trust yourself more and realize what you are capable of. The experience of travelling itself,  planning to getting onto the plane can take a lot out of you.

Sometimes it’s worth the effort to do things alone. It’s through these experiences where we grow and develop ourselves.


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