Five Workout Trends That’ll Get You Fit

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Exercise can be a tricky thing. It’s clear that staying active is good for you and often quite fun, but different people will enjoy different ways of getting fit. Whether you’re more of a runner, a weightlifter, or a mind-body person, here are five workout trends that’ll get you fit.

Home workouts

Who needs a gym membership when you have a home with an internet connection? You can build your own gym with a floor mat, some resistance bands and dumbbells, and a workout bench. You can even get really fancy and buy a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or larger workout machines if your heart desires (and if your wallet can make it happen). As for that internet connection? Use it to find YouTube videos or live-streamed classes alongside which you can enjoy an intense workout without ever leaving the house.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

In HIIT, you’ll switch between brief periods of all-out physical activity and periods of total rest. You can theoretically apply the HIIT structure to any physical activity, whether weight training or cardio. The ideal ratio of all-out activity time to rest time is two to one, and some recommend warming up and cooling down before and after HIIT, since the workout regimen is especially intense. Due to this intensity, HIIT workouts sometimes span little more than 10 minutes, making them a great option for those looking to maximize their workout time.


HIIT can easily be done at home. Boxing, on the other hand, typically requires a setup most folks don’t have at home. Nevertheless, boxing isn’t out of reach for most people. Boxing gyms continue to pop up in high numbers across the country, often with reasonable membership, class, or single-use prices. Some experts have attributed the proliferation of boxing gyms to the recent surge in popularity of mixed martial arts, and others have suggested that the empowering feeling that comes with fighting-based workouts explains their rise.

Investing in wearable technology

With smartwatches, heart monitors, and fitness trackers, minding your workout progress has never been easier. Experts have predicted a continual surge in use of these devices for years, and 2019 is no different — knowing how many calories you’re burning on a run (or how far you’ve run so far) is a universal, unending desire for health enthusiasts. To get truly fit using wearable technology, set a calorie, heart rate, or distance goal and keep your workout going until your technology shows that you’ve hit that magic number. You’ll get consistent, constant results.


Perhaps the fitness trend that never disappears, yoga is a workout trend that’ll get you fit, no doubt about it. Maybe that’s why so many varieties exist — hot yoga, power yoga, and especially goat yoga have felt more than a bit inescapable in 2019. Yoga is as known for its calorie-burning, muscle-building capabilities as it is for the mind-body dichotomy that it strengthens. In addition to getting you fit, yoga might make you more flexible, which will come in handy for those stretches before and after your workout.

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